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Qubool Hai | Cat Fight Between Zoya and Tanveer

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Qubool Hai | Cat Fight Between Zoya and Tanveer

Post by Maria J on 2014-03-15, 14:52

Qubool Hai | Cat Fight Between Zoya and Tanveer

Qubool Hai will see cat fight between Zoya Farooqui (Surbhi Jyoti) and Tanveer (Amrapali Gupta).

We have seen earlier the “hair” raising issue between Mumani (Razia Siddiqui) and Badi Bi (Vidya Sinha) and now will witness this. However, similar though the situation is, we believe, it is more physical with the younger lot.

We of course hear you all say, why this? Why come to such drama? But of course, the answer is, people seem to love drama. And bringing an antagonist and protagonist head to head is something that seems to work for shows.

While having our round table discussions, we were evaluating what makes a show work? Well, there are many reasons from the cast to look to Channel reach, promotion; but we believe on Television, the story is what makes things work and of course, two types of story work; an out and out romance or drama (full on- is there any other kind?).

So drama is what you get in Qubool Hai with doses of romantic comedy thrown in.

It airs every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.

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