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ISHQ KILLS 16 March 14 *Episode 5* Written Update

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ISHQ KILLS 16 March 14 *Episode 5* Written Update

Post by candy on 2014-03-18, 10:25

ISHQ KILLS- 16th March 14 *5th Episode*Written Update

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"Vikrant Kulkarni, the recently elected CM comes home and meets his son on arriving home. His son hears his parents’ fight and hears a gun shot. He is shocked. The world is such that the people who offer support tend to change and the relation from us changes to me. Ragini is Vikrant’s wife. The story goes 15 years back when Ragini’s dad scolds her for falling in love with Vikrant. Her dad did not like him as Vikrant was in politics. Her dad fixes her marriage somewhere else and locks her inside the room. Ragini was adamant that she will marry only Vikrant. Her dad was doing it for her good."

"Vikrant comes to meet Ragini and they have a lover’s talk through the window. Ragini says her dad will never agree for their marriage. Vikrant asks her to come with him. Ragini agrees and they elope to start a new life. She left her parents as she could not live without Vikrant. She writes a letter to her parents apologizing to them. Vikrant’s dreams were high and she wanted to see his dreams come true. 13 years pass by and they are happily married. She takes good care of him. Ragini helps him in his campaigns. Ragini and Vikrant were much in love. Vikrant wanted to become a CM and she wanted him to win. They worked hard together."

"Vikrant becomes the Education Minister. He gives his speech stating he will try education to reach every home. Ragini was happy with his progress. She tells him that no one can stop you from becoming a CM. Their son is born and their relation became more stronger. Vikrant’s dreams start taking him away from her. He rejects her calls and she asks him the reason. He says he was busy. She says you are my husband. He gets annoyed and says he is going Delhi and will return after four days. Ragini calls Vikrant’s assistant Mathur and asks him about Vikrant. He says we will be coming after one week."

"Mathur asks Vikrant to talk to Ragini, but he does not. Their son grows. Vikrant used to give his family much important but his priorities start changing. Ragini asks him to spend some time with their son. Vikrant asks Ragini to come with him in a party and wear a modern dress. She understood that he has changed, but did not wish to lose him. She changed her avatar and turned modern. Vikrant gets selected for the CM’s election candidate. Vikrant answers the media in English but Ragini can’t talk in English. The media laughs on them saying he is an Education Minister and look at his illiterate wife. She falls wearing high heels and Vikrant gets angry as people laugh on him."

"Vikrant and Ragini have an argument infront of their son. He regrets his decision of marrying her. She says I still love you, see your dream is changing you. He says I won’t let you ruin my dream, don’t come with me in any party. Their son calls him a bad father. Vikrant leaves for Delhi for two months with Mathur. Ragini thinks of his promises which he did not keep. Ragini goes in depression. Vikrant asks her why is she playing with his career. Ragini sees Vikrant’s photos with a girl in every newspaper. She gets angry and comes to confront Vikrant. She asks him who is she. He says Richa. She says why is she always with you. He says she is a party member, she is educated and bright. She asks what else. He says are you doubting me. She says I used to be with you always like your shadow and now she is the one. He asks her to leave not answering her questions. She asks Mathur about Richa. He says she is a party worker."
"She says what’s their relation. Mathur says whatever is happening there is not right. Ragini comes to Delhi to meet Vikrant. The body guards stop her at the gate. Ragini asks Mathur to come at the gate. Mathur scolds the bodyguards and take her inside. Ragini comes to check on Vikrant and sees him with Richa.

She is shocked to see them together and understands that they are having an affair. Vikrant sees Ragini and asks what are you doing here. He says why did you not call me before coming. Vikrant asks her to leave without arguing. They have a heated argument."

"He says look at yourself in mirror, you don’t know how to walk and talk, I m ashamed to share a pic with you,
its good you saw me with her, I am taking the oath of CM tomorrow, then I will give you divorce. She says we have a son. He says he will be with me, get lost. She cries and leaves. She talks to her son and tells him that his dad is becoming a CM today and you will always be with him, he loves you a lot. Vikrant takes the CM’s oath and comes home. Ragini dresses like she was in village 15 years ago. Vikrant meets his son and goes to the room. He asks Mathur to give him divorce papers."

"He is shocked to see Ragini in her old avatar and asks whats all this. She says do I look good like this. He sees the gun in her hands and asks are you mad, give me the gun, keep it down. She asks don’t you like me. He says you are looking mad, don’t spoil my day. He says I brought the divorce papers. She is more upset. He tells her that he does not care even if she dies. She says I will die. He says don’t threaten me, you are right, I don’t need you, what are you actually, the idea is not bad, the divorce will take lots of time, its better if you die now. She is shocked and cries."

"He says I will taking our son Niketan with me, you are free from me. She shoots him. He falls and Ye ishq hai………….. plays as she removes the Mangalsutra. Niketan watches on. Mathur runs to see Vikrant. She thinks about his words. Her son looks at her. She goes to him and hugs him crying. The media covers the news and Ragini is arrested. The court sends Ragini to mental rehabilitation centre for two years. Mathur helps Ragini and gives her Niketan’s progress. She finally has her son with her. In a successful life, there are unsuccessful relations!!"

"Credits: Tellyreviews

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