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SATYAMEV JAYATE 23 March 2014 :Episode 4: Written Update

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SATYAMEV JAYATE 23 March 2014 :Episode 4: Written Update

Post by candy on 2014-03-23, 22:47

SATYAMEV JAYATE 23 March 14 *4th Episode* Written Update

"Aamir starts the show with a story. A man asks the servant to serve him 1 litre milk daily. The servant started mixing water in it and taking ¼ litre and having some share. The man came to know this and kept another servant. Both of them ditched him and mixed water and took ½ litre. The man came to know that even he is doing the same. He kept the thirdservant and he also did it. Same story repeated and four  servants  mixed water and did not give milk to the man. They together cheated the man and took away all 1 litre. People guess that the man is the public and the servants are the government.

People pay taxes and some don’t. Let’s see what people answered when we asked them do you pay tax. The AV is shown. Yamini Aiyar, Accountability Initiative Centre for Policy Research says all of these people pay tax while they said in the video that they don’t. Aamir asks how. She says they might have mobile phone, they have paid tax. Also while paying the bill. She says think of your daily life, if you buy anything, you pay tax. Everything is taxed. She says people think they don’t have sufficient money and did not pay income tax. But they have paid indirect tax.

Direct taxes are 37% and Indirect taxes are 67%. Aamir says when a corrupted politician takes money, its our money. When you read about scams, be aware that its our hard earned money. Mr. Subrat Das, Centre for Budget and Govt Accountability, tells how much is the national wealth. He says I have a half estimate, its 5000 lakh crores rupees.

The population is about 120 crores. If we divide, then its 40 lakhs rupees, it means we are 40 lakhs owners only by half estimation. Aamir says we all are crorepatis, we are not poor. The AV shows mineral resources in India.

Some private companies took over mining work in Karnataka mountains which gave high quality iron. 16000 crores loss was to be bear by India. Justice Santosh Hedge, Former Lokayukta, Karnataka comes on the show to talk about the scam. He says it the property of public. Govt was paid Rs 27 per ton and they got Rs 6000 per ton.

Aamir says do we have any way to stop this loot. The AV shows a video about Rajasthan issue. There was a demand for transparency. Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan started to take a step against them and the labours got documents about their legal rights. The change happened, the RTI law came in 2005. Shankar Singh and Nikhil Dey from Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sangathan, gave their idea to start the right to knowabout the official projects work and money. Aamir says there is a weapon which only one state has. The AV shows the documents which show that the money reached the public or not, is also seen by Govt officials. But Andhra Pradesh (AP) Govt in 2009 started to tell the people about it, by meeting people at their home and tallying the scores.

This is called Social Audit. AP Govt has made a SSAAT organization. Sowmya Kidambi, Director of SSAAT, tells about social audits. She says we have seen Rs. 200 crores scams and Rs. 30 crores recoveries are done by social audits. We have seen two weapons, RTI and social audits. We can make sure that the Govt does not loot. The AV shows a village in Kerela, where it got a big water purifier and also have good electricity. T. R. Raghunandan, speaks about the revolutionary movement in that village. The money is given to the Panchayats and the budget is made.

Shailesh Gandhi, Former Central Information Commissioner, Govt of India, says my India is not great and the fault lies in me. He says everyone should become responsible. If we want to improve the country, we need to improve the government. The AV shows Sanjay Sahni of Bihar. He was troubled by the troubles of the villagers. He took out the NREGA details. There was a fraud in NREGA information, he took people’s help and raised a voice. Aruna Roy, who dedicated her life to Social services, gives a message to the youngsters of India. She asks them not to be disheartened by the scams and believe in yourself to bring the change. Aamir signs off asking everyone to think wisely and decide. Satyamev Jayate!!"


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