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Post by pollyanna on 2014-03-24, 13:39

What do the following say about a film:--

*Official BO reports put #Queen's India biz @40 crores by the end of Week 2(20th March 2014)

*Even during India-WI match in T20WC, #Queen is running houseful on Sunday evening in its 3rd week.

*Oprah tweets about a BW film and has something good to say about it

To put it in a very succinct manner, #Queen rules not because of the story but for the tightly edited screenplay,simple content narrated cogently without any deviations which got brilliantly translated on the screen by the superb performances of all the characters.

This is just March and BW has seen some really good movies so far, also we have couple of them lined up for the later half of 2014 but I do wish that @kangna_ranaut and #VikasBahl get Filmfare awards for this exemplary outing

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