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God and his ways - Shalini Kapoor's advent into Acting - Dilshaad Ahmed Khan

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God and his ways - Shalini Kapoor's advent into Acting - Dilshaad Ahmed Khan

Post by pollyanna on 2013-04-01, 12:28

God and his ways - Shalini Kapoor's advent into Acting - Dilshaad Ahmed Khan

A young girl in Kolkata had a dream of becoming an actress. Especially so after she won the Miss Calcutta contest, Shalini Kapoor who plays Dilshaad Ahmed Khan in Qubool Hai got her first break into the world of Entertainment. In that pageant people from Trikaya Grey, an Ad Agency, were present. And she had bagged an ad for Pantene Pro V, a newly launched product in India at the time. She has a strange relationship with God. She had asked for a way to get to Mumbai and Pantene Pro V had paved the way. The shoot required her to come to Mumbai and then in 15 days she was to go to Bangkok for the shoot.

After arrival in Mumbai, strangest thing happened. She lost her passport. She felt dejected. An opportunity that was slipping away. She then did what she always had done. She fought with her God, her Babaji. Shalini Kapoor is a sardarni. Here she was 19 and with a huge break as an ambassador for an International Brand and it all seemed to be a bubble that was ready to burst. Crying and fighting with her God made her feel better but still with days to the shoot, all she had was sand in fist slipping through the fingers and she tried to clutch hard. Then a miracle happened. Her passport turned up where she was put up in Mumbai. Strange, as the address in the passport was of Kolkata. How did it reach the temporary address she was at in Mumbai? It all boils down to God and his ways.

Her story is one of Shalini asking her God for things and they happening to her. Her first film was opposite Akshaye Khanna called Kudrat. After that more offers came and Shalini did films like Sapoot, Koi Kisi Se Kam Nahin, Baaghi, Zehreela to name a few. What she told about her advent into films was that she got recommended by people like Kadar Khan and without auditions or really lobbying for roles, she got them. All Babaji’s doing is what she had to say. We believe it is her talent and humility that got her the opportunity more than anything. Of course, God’s will works in mysterious ways. Her advent into TV series was a conscious decision as movies in those took years to come on screen. Her first stint was in a series called Daastaan where she had her own name Shalini (Shalu which happens to be her nickname too!) opposite Imraan Khan and also had Suresh Oberoi in the star cast. The shoot used to happen in Dubai, at least 10 days in a month. And this for a 20 something was a wonderful experience as not having come out of Calcutta, her first ad campaign was in foreign locale and so was the series.

She has played key roles in series like Jai Maa Durga, Geet – Hui Sabse Parayi, Saat Phere, Devon Ke Mahadev and many others. With over 12 years in the Industry, she now plays a role of a single mother in Qubool Hai. As Dilshaad Ahmed Khan, she has the opportunity to showcase not just a side of herself as a strong woman but also there is still scope for romance as a mature couple who are in love however circumstances have kept them apart. Both Shalini and Vaquar Shaikh who plays her estranged husband Raashid Ahmed Khan love this aspect of their role. We wish Shalini Kapoor all the best for her role as Dilshaad Ahmed Khan.

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