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ISHQ KILLS- 23 March 14 *Episode 6* Written Update

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ISHQ KILLS- 23 March 14 *Episode 6* Written Update

Post by candy on 2014-03-24, 15:47

ISHQ KILLS 23rd March 2014 *6th Episode* Written Update

The story begins with a voiceover  where a couple is seen battling for the gun. The story is about Sonia who goes to the house of her mother Kavita with whom she divided numerous years back and recalls that her past with her. From the start in home, she experiences Randhir (her step-father) and lets him know she came to stay with his wife Kavita. Sonia reaches her mother Kavita, and Kavita lets her know how she was ignored for so long by her ex

Ashok and now she is settled joyfully with Randhir. Soniaanswers to her to not stress much and advises Kavita to manage her for quite a while until she clears out. 

Sonia takes a gander at the photograph collection about her step-sibling and begins drinking unnecessarily while remaining on the railing of the porch. Randhir notices her and tries to cool her off with the goal that she steps down from railing and be protected. Randhir infers to listen and help her to which Sonia reminds him about how she used to listen to all that her father said. In any case, when her father separated her mother kavita and re-wedded, she couldn't get over it and likewise lost space, time and affection from her new family and father. Randhir reassures that she is not alone, and he comprehends her agony and help her to decrease the ache, and even impart the torment, yet he could just do that in the event that she believes him. Both looks one another with
Randhir holding Sonia in her grasp.

After that, Randhir discovers grab checks close to her shoulder to which she reacts that her step-sibling Neil has attempted to annoyed her physically. When he hears that, he goes to Neil's spot and cautions him to not touch her once more. Randhir relates the scene with Neil and takes outrage administration solutions to get cool. For assisting with Neil, Sonia embraces Randhir and that is the begin of their affection bond. A tune is played indicating Sonia's and Randhir's relationship pasand aaye ho.. abhi roothne ki baat mat karo. In the tune, it is clear that their relationship is getting stronger. 

Sooner then, Kavita advises Sonia that she is cheerful to see Randhir and her nearby, and the thought to begin another family together. Kavita then talks that Randhir ought to adore her as his girl, at this point Sonia is stunned to hear it and describes the time she went through with Randhir while likewise recalling that her mother's words. Nextmorning, Sonia's father Ashok returns to take her back home yet she decreases eagerly.

Randhir offers backing to Kavita letting her know that she won't detached Sonia. From there on, Randhir goes to Ashok and cautions him to be far from Sonia yet he doesn't tune in. In a fit of fierceness and as a preplanned intention, Randhir strangulates and executes Ashok with a plastic sack, and additionally takes portable and wallet from the dead form as a system tocamouflage murder with robbery thought process. After the wrongdoing, Randhir gets back and again backs Kavita and lets her know to not stress over her restraints about Sonia backtracking. Next morning, a cop visits their home and advises about Ashok's homicide to the family and gives burglary as the wrongdoing thought process as Ashok's versatile and wallet is absent. Randhir comforts Sonia and likewise consents to her guarantee that they will never separate. 

The story proceeds onward, and at some point sooner, the police office briefs Kavita that the homicide was deliberate as wallet and portable is recuperated with all the cash and charge cards. Additionally, the police gives extra data about the time of homicide from the after death report – between 10:30 and 11:00 pm, and when Kavita listens about it, she describes her last night converse with Randhir around the same time. She now realizes that Randhir executed the wrongdoing, and backpedals home quick and discovers outrage administration stimulants in Randhir's pack. Kavita set-ups an arrangement with Randhir's ex Gauri to know all the more about Randhir's past and the explanation behind their division.

Gauri lets her know that its so late there is no option ask however at any rate she reacts. Gauri says that profession was not the reason of their division, and she was a typical housewife. They differentiated as a result of Randhir's compelling love, outrage and possessiveness with her after marriage, and it was seen in Randhir's flighty and aversion conduct towards her family and companions. In the wake of listening to this, Kavita comprehends that Randhir is unreasonably possessive about Sonia and additionally executed Ashok in this setting. Kavita goes home and checks Randhir's Polaroid and discovers close photographs of Sonia caught by him. 

From there on, Kavita illuminates Sonia that she now thinks about her association with Randhir and let her know to go out. Randhir comes in and additionally tells Sonia the same.

After that, Kavita likewise advises Randhir to leave home to which he answers that whoever he makes his own, he can do anything and begins searching for the firearm.

Kavita fights against eminent loss, and holds a weapon against Randhir. Both battle for the firearm, and a shot is heard hitting Kavita, Sonia gets to be witness to the wrongdoing. At that point, Randhir defies Sonia and lets her know that he did this for their affection and they could be as one. At long last, genuinely harmed kavita shoots Randhir from behind and Randhir is hit and drains. Sonia apologizes to her diminishing mother and hollers vigorously."


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