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I feel it is extremely vital to maintain good health: Paridhi Sharma

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I feel it is extremely vital to maintain good health: Paridhi Sharma

Post by candy on 2014-03-24, 17:57

The beautiful Paridhi Sharma who is currently seen as Queen Jodha in Ekta Kapoor’s most profitable show Jodha Akbar on Zee TV is busy with her back-to-back shooting schedule.
But the actress takes some time out of her kitty to speak to and share some health tips for our lifestyle segment.

Personal fitness mantra?

I believe in doing Yoga; specially surya namaskar which is very beneficial. I feel it is extremely vital to maintain good health.

Personal diet mantra?

Since we work hard for a living (to eat), there is no chance of me dieting. I believe in going to the gym regularly and eating more of fruits and fresh juices.

Are you a foodie?

Yes. I am a big foodie.

Exercise routine?

I do not face time-constraints as we are blessed with gym facilities in our studio where we are shooting for Jodha Akbar. So after a warm exercise, I do surya namaskar for five to ten times and then go ahead with my gym workout which is mostly strength training.

Are you a vegetarian or a non-veg?

I am a pure vegetarian.

Favourite cuisine?

I love Indian food. I also like eating a lot of street chaat food.

Favourite dish?

My favourite dish is Dal Bati.

A must on your breakfast table?

A glass of milk is a must on my breakfast table.

Sugar or sugar-free tea/coffee?

I do not consume caffeine.

Lunch generally consists of?

My lunch consists of dal, chappati, a vegetable, salad and curd.

Dinner generally consists of?

My dinner is limited to a chappati and vegetable.

Dessert delights?

I love rasgullas.

My favourite drink (non-alcoholic)?

I do not support consumption of aerated drinks at all. I love drinking all types of natural juices.

My favourite drink (alcoholic)?

I do not drink alcohol.

Most unusual dish I have tasted?

The most unusual dish I have tasted ever in my life are momos. I can’t understand how people have momos with delight.

Experiment with food?

Yes, at times.

On the streets I love to have?

I like eating chaat.

Do you cook?


Fitness tip?

I would like to advise people to exercise regularly, eat healthy and stay happy because laughter is the best medicine to everything.


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