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Wallpaper Wednesday | Surbhi and Raqesh

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Wallpaper Wednesday | Surbhi and Raqesh

Post by Maria J on 2014-03-26, 12:30

Wallpaper Wednesday | Surbhi and Raqesh

Care Khan and I had been discussing about the Wallpaper Wednesday posts that he used to make. Him being close to “the one who cannot be named” made it impossible for us to pressurize him to do a post. We had some fantastic pictures that we could put in not just hi-res but larger size for all the followers to “drool” over.

Of course, we love it that you all like the pictures we take and we do get the back handed compliments from various online sites and even TV Channel who use our pictures without a “by your leave”. And then there are others who ask for permission. Thank you to those.

Well, we had these pictures of Surbhi and Raqesh from that Holi sequence which we felt were amazing in terms of color, grandeur and yes its hotness quotient.

So, here it is in our Wallpaper Wednesday section, even though the post is not from Care Khan (for he is a unique person who even when he goes gaga about Surbhi we do get a smile with his quirky talks).

The large image is available here.

Do check out our Google + page here for another new animated picture of Surbhi Jyoti in ring of fire.


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