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Is Qubool Hai jinxed with respect to male leads

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Is Qubool Hai jinxed with respect to male leads

Post by slmu on 2014-03-26, 18:20

Is Qubool Hai jinxed with respect to its male leads? - A thought to ponder upon

Zee TV’s Qubool Hai, started off as a brave and unique effort by Producer Gul Khan under the banner of 4 Lions Films to make a show on the ‘untouched’ Muslim background with a modern and practical girl Zoya (Surbhi Jyoti) falling in love with a man of religious virtues, Asad (Karan Singh Grover). In quick time, the channel and maker struck ‘gold’ as the chemistry exhibited between KSG and Surbhi worked wonders for them when it came to ratings as well as fan following. Also, the presence of the third angle in step-brother Ayaan, played by handsome hunk Rishabh Sinha presented a great visual treat.

But soon, there was trouble in the paradise of Qubool Hai, when Rishabh wanted to quit the show, after having bagged a plump role in Subhash Ghai’s upcoming flick Kaanchi. He soon put down his papers leaving the creative team in a lurch. However, the problem got solved when popular face Vikrant Massey stepped into the shoes of Ayaan elegantly.

So far, so good!!

Soon came a situation wherein Vikrant was looking out for Bollywood projects and dropped out of the show. With this, the creative call was made to put an end to Ayaan’s character.

Even with this turmoil, the show bloomed and got appreciated as the public seemed to enjoy watching their favourite Jodi of ‘AsYa’ (Asad and Zoya) romance and also pack a punch with their ‘nok-jhok’. But the huge bomb fell when the channel took an overnight decision to throw KSG out of the show.

All that followed was complete mayhem, as Qubool Hai happened to be the only Indian show wherein the channel went into the open to reason out why they threw their lead actor out.

All this only made the loyal fans of the show and of KSG to erupt in anger. However, even when a lot was written about KSG’s drinking disorder, erratic behaviour, the hero chose to stay silent.

And when the lion decided to roar, he chose to bare his heart out on the controversy. Clearing out his stand, KSG informed the world through us that his health needed attention and thus he was looking for a break. With issues growing, the actor did not want to neglect his health for long and with his contract getting expired he chose to quit the show. And he also shared how hurt he felt with the channel putting him down with such allegations.

All the expectations of fans died down the moment the channel brought in Raqesh Vashisth to play the next Asad in just a day post KSG’s exit.

Well, full marks to Raqesh here, who gave his best shot to fit into the already popular character of Asad. It was not a cake-walk for him, but he slowly made a mark for himself as his chemistry with Surbhi started to fall in place.

But Qubool Hai seems to have hit yet another roadblock now, with the idea of generation leap coming into the picture.

The result is that Raqesh Vashisth has decided to quit the show, as he does not want to age. Fair enough!!

Our readers did get the first and exclusive read via our story on yesterday evening that Raqesh along with many other artists on the show would bid adieu to the show in the near future.

Spare a thought and think about the happenings so far in Qubool Hai, and you would immediately wonder whether the show is ‘jinxed’ with respect to its male leads.

And what’s in store for viewers now? Well, it will be the same old drama of the female protagonist coming in a new avatar, this time as the grown-up daughter of the established leads.

Are you experiencing déjà vu right here? Well, we cannot blame you, for the same happenings have just occurred in another very popular show Madhubala. This immediately makes us think about the future story line that is in store in Qubool Hai.

The surprising part here, is that the creative team has decided to shed-off the ‘unique’ flavour of the show, by embracing the done-to-death formula of taking a generation leap.

Will this generation leap and story ahead appeal to the fans? Only time will tell.

Also, will Zee TV go a Colors way by bringing back the original man, Karan Singh Grover to the helm of things?

Quite a lot of possibilities, and a lot at stake for the show at the moment!!

We would as always keep our readers updated on the new developments.

In case, you want to post your views on the developments in Qubool Hai, voice your thoughts right here..


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Re: Is Qubool Hai jinxed with respect to male leads

Post by Maria J on 2014-03-26, 19:43

tfs Shanti.. Looks the show itself is jinxed

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