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Post by anurao66 on 2013-04-02, 07:21

Bani – Ishq Da Kalma 1st April 2013 Written Episode

Episode begins with Bani walking out of the gurudwara thinking abour Rano’s sad story…Sohum folows her out and tells Bani that Rano if from his pind and has been endlessly waiting for husband to return…Sohum tells her that rano’s husband never intended to take her with him and shares the butter truth about NRIs coming to Punjab and getting maried to innocent girls with huge dowry and leave them with a romise to take them along…Bani is shattered and Sohum tries to console her but puls his hand away…

At home mamiji is complaining about a headace and a tummy ache while the others a playing some game…Mamaji tries to change the topic and asks mamiji to give them the gifts that they bought…Deshu is worried that Bani hasnt come home yet…While mamaji hands the gifts to everyone, the little brother spots a camera in the bag and asks what it is..Mamiji boasts about her high standards of living and offers to show them all on the in bulit projector in the camera…Jassi pulls put a white sheet and they watch their life in London..Deshu watches it and gets hopeful of Bani having a similar good life abroad…

Bani walks in with her cycle while mamiji gets a fone call to goes to attend it…Bani unknowingly goes and stands in front of the projector screen and the London life movie plays behind her…deshu imagines Bani in the movie and tells her that she will soon be living such a life when she goes to Canada…Bani is disturbed and constantly thinks of Rano and her current condition while Desho has great hopes of Bani’s happiness once she ges married to an NRI…Rano’s words echo in Bani’s ears and Desho keeps imagining Bani a big house and a big country…

Sohum’s bhabi asks him about his visa ans sohum says the agent is away…She suggests they take his proposal for Bani and tell them that he has applied for a visa and will only get married after he settles abroad…But Sohum tells bhabi that Bani’s mum wouldnt agree as her only condition for Bani’s marriag is that the groom has to be a NRI…He says he diesnt want to give her a chance to say no to him so he will only propose only his visa has come…Bhabi asks him to chase up the agent to speed up things and sohum agrees…

Later, Desho is unable to sleep or contain her excitement about getting Bani married to a NRI..she shares her dreams and hopes with her husband who is fast asleep and pays no heed to her talks…Desho keeps imagining Bani in Canada and wonders what she has to do to find a NRI groom and she thinks of someone who could help in the matter…

Later in the night Rajji and Bani have their usual chat across the wall window…Bani shares her fears and tells Rajji all about rano and her state…Rajji advises her to tell her mum about Rano and says she should sacrifice her life for a NRI who may turn out like Rano’s husband…Bani says she now knows there is no guarantee that the NRI will be trustworthy and its too risky but is sad that her mum’s dreams will be shattered…Rajji asks Bani to talk to her mum and explain the risks and Bani is upset with the situation…

Precap: A couple of ladies(one of them is Santosh I guess) come to Desho and say they have a very good proposal for Bani…Rajji, Sohum and Bani are shocked and worried to hear the news…


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