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Satyamev Jayate 2: Aamir says don't sell your vote!

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Satyamev Jayate 2: Aamir says don't sell your vote!

Post by candy on 2014-03-30, 19:56

Satyamev Jayate 2- Highlights Of Finale Episode Of This Season

The first part of the second season of Aamir Khan’s Satyamev Jayate came to an end today. With elections coming up, Mr. Perfectionist chose a perfectly timely topic to end the first part of the season. It dealt with various serious and important issues regarding the upcoming elections and we are sure this last episode must have enlightened a majority of the masses who watched the episode. SJ 2 kick started its season 2 with a very heart wrecking topic of R*pe victims, followed by various topics like issues faced by our Indian cops, garbage issues, scams and corruption and finally ended it with the topic of elections. Aamir Khan started the episode by asking a simple question ‘Whom to vote’ for, a genuine guy or a criminal. Though majority of us would agree with the first option but the actual data of our nation shows that we are voting for those candidates who are criminals. In fact chances are high for a criminal candidate to win any election than a genuine hardworking candidate. Why? And How? Read on guys. We are sure you will be shocked.

Elected candidates are criminals:

Unfortunately 30 percent and 31 percent of elected candidates sitting in the parliament both in Lok Sabha and Rajya Sabha respectively are criminals. Each candidate has criminal charges filed and pending against them. And to make it more specific these elected candidates are charged under few serious crimes like murder, attempt to murder, kidnapping, R*pe, dacoit, human trafficking and the number of criminal candidates are increasing with each held elections. The data given by Jagdeep Chokar (member of ADR) also suggests that no state from our nation is free from criminal candidates. Each state has few numbers of criminal candidates standing for the elections after every five years.

MLA Bhaiya Raja vs Ajeet Sarkar:

Satyamve Jayate showed two diverse personalities of MLAs in the episode. First was of Bhaiya Raja, MLA Bhopal. In spite of being a goon and having of about 115 total cases and 82 serious charges against him, Bhaiya Raja was elected as a candidate for MLA. He murdered an innocent 20 year old girl (daughter of Mragendra Singh Bundela). Even after his cruelty, his wife got a ticket to elect for the next upcoming elections held in the state. However, no action was taken against him due to pressure. Not even a single complaint was registered against him. Only when Mragendra Singh Bundela filed the first complaint of his daughter’s murder, he was sent to jail. DN. Gautam (Director of general police) discussed what happens when a goon comes into power. SJ 2 then invited Amit Sarkar, son of late MLA Ajeet Sarkar from Purniya. He shared how his father, who never misused his power against the common man and always strived hard for their welfare, was assassinated by the other candidate Pappu Yadav, who stood against him in the elections held in 1995. Ajeet was brutally killed and about 107 bullets were found in his body. Even though Pappu Yadav was found guilty in murdering Ajeet Sarkar , he was released from jail immediately after 14 years. This is the plight of our nation today.

Entry of criminals in elections and booth capturing:

Journalist Utkarsh Qureshi focused on few issues like criminals entering into politics and booth capturing. In the late 70s criminals and local goons were used for crimes such as booth capturing and manipulating people for votes. This is when they actually thought of entering politics because half of the work was done by them to make any candidate win the election so why not they themselves become the new ones. Politics has become the new ‘Ganga’ for criminals. They create the Robinhood image before the poor janta and cash in for votes. Criminals are wannabes; they get votes on the basis of caste and their pressure. The episode also showed how elected candidates of the states also agree on the issue of booth capturing and force voting. Free liquor and fake parties are arranged and money is distributed in public to ask people for votes illegally. Candidates find new innovative ideas to manipulate the votings. Cases have been filed by the election commission against these candidates but no action has been taken so far.

Don’t sell your votes:

In a democratic country like India, everyone should keep this is mind that citizens are the creators and politicians are the creatures. We are the ones who decide our future and the ones who exploit us are the ones whom we have elected and given the power to rule us. Selling your precious vote will eventually back fire on you. Selling a vote is a deal loss. The word Satyamev Jayate has transformed into Mythamev Jayate. But we can change the scenario with participating in the upcoming elections. So guys gear up for the 2014 elections and elect an appropriate candidate who can bring a change to the nation.


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