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Satyamev Jayate 2- 30 March 2014 :Episode-5: Written Update

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Satyamev Jayate 2- 30 March 2014 :Episode-5: Written Update

Post by candy on 2014-03-30, 20:27

Satyamev Jayate 2 - 30th March 2014 :Episode- 5 :Written Update

"Aamir discusses the approaching elections where each man can pick his coveted competitor. He discusses the characteristics of the great pioneer. They ought to be caring and not degenerate. Dr. Jagdeep S. Chhokar, Association for Democratic Reforms, discusses the criminal cases on the government officials. He indicates thediagram where 30% of the Mps are confronting pending criminal cases. Aamir thinks that it stunning as the figure has been expanding. He indicates the gathering smart rates. The gathering offers tickets to offenders applicants.

He demonstrates the state insightful rate likewise. Aamir gets some information about the criminal cases, what is everything about. The cases are about homicide, capturing, human trafficking, and theft. The charges are confined and we need to check whether its not kidding. Aamir gets some information about state  congregations. He says 31% Mlas are confronting criminal cases which are pending. He demonstrates the unlawful acts rates, for example, assault and such legislators likewise got thetickets which is extremely bold. Aamir much obliged him from the nation's benefit. Aamir says we should see the confronts who are chased by such government officials. 

The AV shows an inner part fashioner who went to seek after her dreams in the city. She was 20 years of age and she passed on. A MLA killed her. The young lady's guardians Mragendra Singh Bundela and his wife go ahead the show to impart the story of their young lady and what happened with her. He says we have sent her to Bhopal and my Mama kept an awful eye on her and she got killed. He was Bhaiya Raja who was a huge goon, he got a ticket from National level gathering. The man says the police provided for them security. In spite of the fact that he was charged of 82 criminal cases. Nobody turned into the witness for his wrongdoings, however I have not saved him and spoke against him in the court.

He got indicted and got life sentence. Aamir much appreciated them for  conversing with them on the show. Dr. D. N. Gautam, IPS, DGP Bihar tells how police is influenced when a criminal comes into force. He says the life changes, the law does not run the show. The standard of law is a trust on which the nation is running. He discusses a bank burglary in the 80s of Rs. 90 lakhs. A man fled from the manage an account with the cash and the police ceased him at the check post. The SP called the monitor and requested that him leave the criminal. SP went to the police headquarters and discharged the criminal. He says if small time gets solid, he can bring a change as truth wins. 

The AV indicates how the great government officials are influenced by the criminal ones. Ajit Sarkar was everybody's picked legislator. He kicked the bucket one day for them and individuals miss him. Amit Sarkar, Ajit's child discusses his father. He says we used to live in leased house, my mum was an educator. He discusses him. He says his father completed not had cash for the decisions, so he used to compose whoever provides for me vote, give Rs. 1 to me, as the cash might have helped in fight. He did genuine work for the individuals. Ajit Sarkar was killed on fourteenth June, 1998. He was shot 107 projectiles. He was ruthlessly killed. 

Pappu Yadav was sentenced for his homicide and got life detainment. Aamir says we wish each child gets a father like Ajit Sarkar, this nation will always remember him. We all will choose to pick a great legislator. Why if we vote and make the criminal competitors win. Utkarsh Sinha, Journalist, talks that the individuals think about the wrongdoings completed by a lawmaker however they support him in view of his standing. They used to do corner catching for their pioneer. They used to revel in the force. Instable governments were structured. We need to think why such individuals are winning, why is social order making such culprits their good example. Governmental issues has turned into a Ganga now, in which in the event that you dip makes you clean and pleased. 

The AV shows the force of votes by which individuals pick their competitors, however now the votes are purchased. Dr. S. Y. Quraishi, Former Chief Election Comissioner, tells how they are suspected and find the cash in the autos and trucks. Indeed ambulances and burial service van convey cash. The voter was renumerated and given cash, wine and nourishment. Aamir says business sector is shaped when purchasers and venders are available.

The AV shows individuals saying what they need as an exchange of their votes. The aftereffect of offering votes is awful. M. G. Devasahayam, IAS, tells what we lose by offering our votes. From where will you get your right on the off chance that you offer your right. You are theinventors and they are the animals, by what means can an animal be greater than an inventor. Aamir says its a terrible arrangement to offer votes, we are losing our still, small voice, we are getting into avarice which is similar to amalignancy in our nerves. 

The AV demonstrates how individuals offered presents to get the nation's freedom. We got the right to vote. We ought to be pleased to get this right by conception, it provides for us an opportunity to bring a change. Aamir says we are offering our rights, its not late we can get out step right. We ask for the political gatherings not to offertickets to criminal applicants. Don't offer your vote and don't vote for degenerate government officials. Jai Hind, Satyamev Jayate !! 

Youngster rang the, ek chakra tha… . Purkhon ne jinhe tha seencha… … ek khwab tha, charkha pe buna, apna watan hindustaan… .. hai pukaarta sunlo hai pukaarta… … .. (Three shades and one wheel, which our progenitors have developed for us, there was a dream, which was spun on the wheel, our nation India, it calls you, listen to it……. )"


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