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Post by Maria J on 2014-04-05, 23:08

In Star Plus’s Yeh Hai Mohabbatein , Here we reveal that Raman had hugged Ishita because he saw Ruhi standing there in the balcony. Ruhi sees them down & is very happy and now she truly believes that Raman loves Ishita. At the same time Shagun had come to see what Ishita means to Raman and she sees them hugging. She feels very very jealous as she had never imagined that Raman could ever love anyone else other than her. Here Raman tells Ishita why he hugged hee, Raman and Ishita reach home wet and they go into their room to change. Soon shagun enters and Mrs Bhalla understands that she has come on a pretext to get Aditya’s childhood DVD but in reality she wants to know about Raman & Ishita.

Mrs Bhalla tries to teach her a lesson tells fake story to her by exaggerating how much they are in love, on the other hand inside the room Raman & Ishita are fighting like cat and dogs, nut the sounds coming put give a feel that they are getting close, Mrs. Bhalla adds fuel to the fire and by the end of it, Shagun couldn’t bear it and leave from there. On the other hand, Trisha expresses to Mihika how much she loves Mihir and that she is waiting to get married to him. Mihika hears that & gets angry and upset.Ruhi makes Ishita Raman sleep together on the same bed, she sleeps in between and holds both their hands, like a perfect family they sleep. Ishita gets up in the morning and realizes that she has to make her investment policy payment today so she leaves to meet Bala. They decide to meet at a nearby restaurant.

This is the same place where Romi along with his friends is supposed to meet Bala. Ishita meets Bala and Romi sees her there and thereby cancels the meeting. Romi doesn’t know Bala is the professor whom they are intending to bribe. When Ishita reaches home she finds the whole house is on a chaotic mode. She finds out that Raman has lost his voice after a bad throat from last night’s rain and today is a very important day for him as it’s a land bidding day for his upcoming project. Surprisingly, Ishita can perfectly understand perfectly what Raman wants to say. Mihir proposes Raman to take Ishita along as she can be his voice over there. Though Raman doesn’t want this but has no option.Ashok sees Raman has got Ishita here, he calls up Shagun who joins him. Raman calls Trisha there which Ishita doesn’t like. Bidding starts and Ishita tells Raman that the owner is not a right guy but Raman ignores it. Ashok makes the highest bid , though Raman wants to raise the stake but Ishita doesn’t allow him to do that as she knows this owner guy and she knows he is not an honest person. And so, Ashok wins the bid. Raman gets very angry and furious with Ishita. Raman is very angry with Ishita and he is blaming her for this loss. Ashok humiliates Raman. His board of directors are upset with Raman. Raman is really irritated bu the has to put on a good face in front of Ruhi.


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