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Jodha Akbar 211: The Case of the Confused Conscience

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Jodha Akbar 211: The Case of the Confused Conscience

Post by sashashyam on 2014-04-08, 16:08


Rather a neat title, don't  you agree?

I watched  the whole Jodha-antaraatma dialogue carefully, and it is repeatedly self contradictory. The Green Jodha-Yellow Jodha scene before her suicide attempt was more coherent. Tonight, by the end, one cannot make out WHAT the antaraatma really wants, except perhaps the following:

1) You  (Jodha) now  love the Shahenshah, and that is why, though your honour should be  of paramount importance to you as a woman and a Rajvanshi,  you are not angry that he doubted your virtue, but are blaming yourself for his feeling hurt (that was the only sensible thing the  real Jodha said this evening, listing out her acts of omission and commission which had made Jalal behave as he did)

 If you had not been in love, you would not shed tears to see him bleed (she means literally, not inside, which is what he was doing 99% of the time).
This for Jodha, who would weep for any nirdosh pashu pakshi!

2) Next comes the first contradiction. The antaraatma  says : You do not want to tell the Shahenshah the truth because then he would be even more hurt. Now this subtle twist would of course gladden Adiana's heart, for it was she who thought of that, but I somehow do not believe that Jodha could make out this sybilline logic.Neither, I suspect, could the antaraatma!

3) Next  the antaraatma says that the Shahenshah brought his love to you many times, listened with grave attention to what you said, and forgave your mistakes ( I almost fell off the chair at this first ever  admission that Jodha Begum could  EVER be wrong!). But you never responded to his love. So now why would he believe you and trust you? So she is now siding with Jalal against Jodha, which does not gel with her main line, that Jodha should leave Agra and Jalal. Second contradiction.

4) Apni Jodha  now abandons the jhalak  of good sense she had shown in acknowledging her mistakes that had brought her (and Jalal) to this pass, and asserts that she is not in love with the Shahenshah, and wants to leave as soon as she has made sure that Sujamal Bhaisa is safe (HOW she proposes to ensure this is a great mystery). At which point the antaraatman  makes the neat crack that she wants to leave because she wants the Shahenshah to go after her and manao her. This was, for me, the sole bright line tonight!

Now I do not believe that the consciousness of loving Jalal, her greatest enemy, is still Jodha's deepest fear. Sorry, my dear Adiana, but the girl does not even think of the ghrina mantra  these days. She did not even remember her vachan (there is  the vachan again!) to Kaali Maa till the antaraatma  brings that up.

Jodha  is just afraid to face Jalal again and tell him that it was her Bhaisa, and yes, she loves her husband. She is afraid he will not believe her and will suspect her of cooking it all up.

5) Then, at this point, the antaraatma  again switches tracks. She  insists that Jodha should either tell Jalal the truth and save Sujamal even she had to suppress her man ( now, if she says that Jodha loves Jalal, what is there to suppress here? It makes no sense at all) .

If not, she should go with her man and leave Agra.And abandon Sujamal to a cruel death? The antaraatma  neatly  eliminates Sujamal as a relevant factor.  She then goes on to insist, shrilly, that Jodha should choose the second option, avoid more humiliation from Jalal, and leave.   But why does she rule out option one? No explanations from her side. Contradiction No.3.

It seemed to me that the whole point of this exercise was merely

- to make Jodha accept, at least to herself, that she is in love with the Shahenshah (whatever that might mean to someone of her temperament!) and
- have a private confession by Jodha that it was her mistakes that led to this sorry state of affairs.

I would have liked Jodha to have barged into Jalal's rooms after pushing Mahaam aside. She would have been able to sort things out even if  Jalal overturned/smashed/ threw any more things. She gives up too easily. She has lost her self-confidence and is also guiltily conscious of having been in the wrong on this one.

Yes, Sandhya, it  was a gimcrack sort of table, but then even Jalal (Akbar was said to have been physically exceptionally strong) could not have heaved a solid mahogany table across the room. They needed that dramatic effect. Plus. Sandhya, he had already added to the repair budget on Friday, and Ekta would not have sanctioned any more expensive repair jobs, I expect, whence this downmarket table!

The precap  was ludicrous. How on earth can Sharifuddin postion himself so neatly within shooting range of Jalal without being heard and seen? He could not have known where precisely the chase would take Jalal without following them and if so, he would have been spotted. Next, how could he know the accompanying soldiers would not catch up with Jalal, and if so, they would spot Sharifuddin and might even have collared him. 

What it all boils down to is that Sharifuddin must have been an honours student at Hogwarts. He simply focussed his mind on Jalal, and apparated straight to where he was, pummelling Sujamal! Bingo!

But Jalal does catch Sujamal after all. At last  our Shahenshah gets to do something right!

The Ruqaiya-Mahaam scenes get on my nerves. One  of these days, the rooh  of Ruqaiya Sultan Begum is going to rise from her grave in Kabul, land up in Karjat, and wallop the CVs!

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