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Diya Aur Baati Hum - Written Update - 10 April 2014

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Diya Aur Baati Hum - Written Update - 10 April 2014

Post by slmu on 2014-04-10, 21:41

Diya Aur Baati Hum 10th April 2014 Written Episode

The Episode starts with the Naxals having a talk about their mission to capture Officer Singh. Officer Singh talks to the cadets and tells them about their rankings and numbers. She says we will be choosing the best cadet and that person will get the trophy. She selects Sandhya and Zakir. She asks them to compete in gun firing, its their test and it will be their last test. She says Roma got good marks. She asks Sandhya to perform well else Zakir will have to leave the academy. She says Sandhya’s performance will decide about Zakir. Sandhya says fine. Zakir gets tensed. Officer Singh asks her to go and bring her gun. She asks Zakir to wait till Sandhya performs.

Sandhya holds Sooraj’s locket. Zakir asks Sandhya to remember what he taught her. He asks her to perform well and gives her some tips. Zakir panics. Sandhya thinks she has to think about Sooraj’s wish and Bhabho’s trust and also her dream, she has to get 10 on 10, she can’t lose. Rahul and Roma talk about them. Rahul says if Sandhya wins this task, then your chance will be low. Roma says she does not want the trophy but something more big than that. Zakir asks Sandhya to score well. Sandhya shoots at the aim.

She thinks about Sooraj’s words. She misses the shot and Zakir gets worried. Zakir asks her to focus. Sandhya is tensed. She hits perfect this time and Zakir is very happy. Everyone smile. Zakir says come on, next. Officer Singh is also happy seeing Sandhya’s performance. Sandhya shoots at bull’s eye. Zakir is relieved and asks her to focus. Sandhya misses the last shot and Zakir gets worried. Sandhya is shocked.

Sooraj looks at Sandhya’s photo and tells her about her problem at home, about Emily’s parlour shut down. Zakir asks Sandhya to perform well, we have chance. Sandhya then shoots well and Zakir gets happy again. He asks her to shoot well and says now you can’t make any mistake. He says you should see Best Cadet Trophy at the target, come on, you can do it, aim now. Sandhya shoots……..

The chief tells that the time is over, our friend would have done his work and the medicine might also work, o to border line for his help. Sandhya shoots well. Zakir is happy and now comes the last target. He asks her to relax and shoot well as this is the final chance for him. He says you have to win at any cost. Sandhya thinks about her dream and her talk with her father. She thinks of Sooraj’s trust and Bhabho’s wish. She shoots at the last target…….

Sandhya shoots again. Everyone looks at her.


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