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Qubool Hai | Fun We Get Up To

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Qubool Hai | Fun We Get Up To

Post by Maria J on 2014-04-11, 12:11

Qubool Hai | Fun We Get Up To

Being with all the artists on the set of Qubool Hai is immense fun. And not just to capture some amazing moments with them but share things that they hold dear. Vidya Sinha for one has adopted two cats who almost died after their mothers passed away. Not to mention she takes time out to play and talk with the strays on the set, despite having a dog at home herself.

Surbhi Jyoti as you all know (perhaps) loves children, be it Shalini Kapoor’s or some followers’ kids who come to see her. She will take some special moments out with them including giving them some goodies. Raqesh Vashisht and Mohit Sehgal are not just gentleman (yeah, we do have some grouse with Raqesh with treating the girls like his buddies) but also sharing food, jokes (including PJs) with people on the set.

The girls Shalini, Alka Kaushal, Archana Taide, Surbhi and the boys of course i.e. Tej Sapru, Mohit and Raqesh get together in one room and have a time that is worth capturing on camera, though we always feel like not intruding in their moments of bonhomie and camaraderie. With Tej Sapru giving shortened names to all of them add that much more TLC to the conversation.

Ketki Kadam and Nehalaxmi Iyer share a special bond and we see them taking off on Ketki’s bike for a coffee or a drive off from the set. Bond girls we call them.

All in all, we all have been feeling pretty nostalgic with the leap perhaps not giving all of us opportunities like these to just chill with each other in between shots or during breaks.

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However, as Tej ji left the set last night, he had forgotten his mobiles on a nearby table and having given them back, he had said, “A dinner for all of us together from me. I owe it. Though once we all get free from shoot.”

So we look forward to some time together away from the set soon.

In the mean time watch the Nikaah of Tanveer and Asad come to its natural conclusion of “Qubool Nahi Hai!!” and how Tanveer will get her just measures.

We shall bring you the behind the scene segment, soon.

Stay tuned.

Qubool Hai airs every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


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