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Sasural Simar Ka - 12th April 2014 - Written Update

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Sasural Simar Ka - 12th April 2014 - Written Update

Post by sarra0 on 2014-04-13, 03:25

Scene 1
Simar and roli come to verma aunty’s place where the meeting for party is on going. They say they wanna be a part of this kitty party. Verma aunty says no we can’t allow you. Only if mata ji comes here and consent to our idea then we can allow Bharadwajs to join us. Simar and roli leave in disappointment.
Verma aunty says to the ladies lets decide the chairman of kitty party.

Scene 2
Khushi taunts roli and Simar for not getting in the kitty. She says poor ladies wanted to join the kitty but verma did what she asked her to.

Scene 3
The arrangements for kitty are goin on. Two caters come in with pans on their hed. They collide with khushi. Khushi gets angry and says cannot you see. Their manager comes and say go to the kitchen.
In the kitchen they take of the pans and its roli simar disguised as cooks.

Scene 4
Jhanvi comes in the hall. Bua ji looks happy she says its yiur first day here so yiu have to make a sweet dish according to the ritual.
Jhanvi comes after a while and serves the sweet dish. Bua ji is pleased with it.
Anurag and jhanvi leave. Shanti says ti bua ji I assure you that jhanvi will manage both work and house together. She can do it well.
Bua ji smiles and says I will see how she is gonna make it.

Precap-khushi is talking to someone on the phone and says we are near the accomplishment of our mission. Roli overhears her.

credit DTB

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