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Qubool Hai | Two Men And A Lady – Part 1

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Qubool Hai | Two Men And A Lady – Part 1

Post by Maria J on 2014-04-13, 12:19

Qubool Hai | Two Men And A Lady – Part 1

We had been trying to get an interview with Raqesh Vashisht and Surbhi Jyoti for a long time. Well three months. And we finally nailed it. Same goes with Mohit Sehgal and Surbhi. We have had such amazing time with them on the set that it is beyond words.

They are such wonderful people to be around and work with. Taking their pictures is even more wonderful as they want to see immediately, what pictures we took. They appreciate the ones they like and of course there are some they would say, “Nahi yaar, ye mat rakho.” Surbhi would go, “Abhi, abhi delete karo. Kya expressions hai. Tumhein tab hi click karma tha?”

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The one person who probably gets fed up with Vrushali being around is Amandeep Singh. He would say, “Aap idhar aa jao, mere pass, monitor ke paas.” Why? Because according to him her presence would distract the artists who want to give a pose in between shot. Inversely there are days when Aman would say, “Jao photos lo. We want these on Forum 32.” And while we try not to disturb the shoot, the presence of a camera can make one either not give a pose or give one.

But we have been fortunate. Even with Aman we have a lovely camaraderie, who if you saw the April Fool’s video had said, “Pakka reporter ki tarah, roll kiye jaa rahe ho. Ye nahi ki uses uthao.” Of course, we ribbed him after that. Even the DoP Deepak Pandey tells us, this is your opportunity to take pictures.

Having co-operation of all the cast and crew on the set enables us to get interviews such as this. We have tried something with this. Tell us how you like it.

Stay tuned for more of this interview.


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