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Qubool Hai | Tanveer The Backstabber

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Qubool Hai | Tanveer The Backstabber

Post by Maria J on 2014-04-13, 12:27

Qubool Hai | Tanveer The Backstabber

Tanveer Khan (Amrapali Gupta) has been the nemesis who refuses to be defeated. She has been the sole reason for the downfall of the Khans and the Siddiquis. The cat who seems to have gotten all the cream. Though perhaps the biggest victory that she wanted in form of Asad Ahmed Khan being hers forever is a dream that shall remain so.

Tanveer is the quintessential woman scorned. We wonder what her basic framework of mind would be to wrought such havoc round her. Her childhood experiences, her interactions with people have only shown her to be a woman who has planned to get everything for herself that goes beyond mere selfishness. She is evil.

One cannot even sympathize with her childhood abuse (if she really went through one?), one would think, she was all powerful from the day she was born; using her wiles to get her way. Jammy, poor soul, had bought all the jam she had spread.

Now, with her plan completely shattered, what will this deranged woman do? Will she find a way to come back and extract retribution from the people who have put her behind bars? Will she get her ultimate victory?

Tanveer has been, to shock of everyone who has been watching, the person who seems to win no matter what.

Recently a neighbor of mine who watches Qubool Hai asked me, “Will Tanveer’s truth be out?” And I said, “You will have to watch the episode to find out with a smile (no, not like Tanveer’s ;-) but a little devilish for sure). What came across to me was that no matter how much people hated her, they could not ignore her. And a character being discussed to this level is of course one that has made a mark on the viewers.

We definitely applaud Amrapali for giving credence to her character with conviction, psychotic demeanor that makes people cringe.

Tanveer is out to get her revenge. She will backstab people. That is her nature. She killed Rashid Ahmed Khan by stabbing in the back. Will she be back to kill the rest of family who has brought her downfall?

Keep watching Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV.


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