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SBS YHM Segt 18Apr14 "Divyanka ka Izhaar E Mohabbat " (Divyanka's confession)

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SBS YHM Segt 18Apr14 "Divyanka ka Izhaar E Mohabbat " (Divyanka's confession)

Post by --sumana13-- on 2014-04-18, 14:22

Written Update ....

SBS takes us to the offscreen moments of YHM. Where Divyanka is seen admiring her pics with her former costar and boy friend Sharad ..

VO says that she is feeling shy and turning red as she admires their old pics .. One of them was their on screen shaadi pic from former serial ..every one alway felt they werw in love but they both always denied it .. But now it has come from the horses mouth himself ..

Divyanka says she was shocked that shard hd suddenly announced before the media that he was going to marry his old girl friend Divyanka in Dec this yr ..
She was embarrassed and did not know how to react

She goes on to reveal that they had never formally said ILU or proposed to each other .. They just fell in love gradually over the years and both felt  the same

Video update ..
Coming up

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