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DABH - WU 3 Apr '13

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DABH - WU 3 Apr '13

Post by slmu on 2013-04-04, 11:51

Diya Aur Baati Hum 3rd April 2013 Written Update by Amor

Maa sa says that sumtimes she feels that emily dnt belong to thr biradari, not only that she also feels that she’s from other religion, it shocked them. She continues n says that she dnt hv to do anything she’s saying thz becoz emily is sandy’s frnd or she has nothing to do with her. She moves n turns bck after a second n says that she has brought a pic of girl, she’s sandy’s shadow n also very sharp from her other beendnis in fulfilling customs n rituals, emily dnt like it.

Maasa ask her DIL to bring the photo from her room, as emily heard this she goes to the room hurridly n tke the envelope n leaves the room n when the DIL reaches she dnt find that.

Pushar… In dhaisa’s house, mina was very excited for the alta at the same time she’s curious to know wat dhaisaa was thinking. Its mina’s turn n she sat for alta, the girl ask to show her feet n she moves one n the bichiya (ring in foot’s finger) in it, dhai sa recognises it, n shout at mina that she dnt believe, at the same moment mina moves her another feet, it has the ring, mina replies that her feet r so fair that no one believes it, dhai saa was quiet, the girl put alta n she’s happy.

Village… Maasa was shouting at her DIL that where she lost that envelope, thy were confused where did it vanished, maasa was very angry. Pushkar… Mina was showing her feet to everyone n she heard that dhaisaa was searching for papad chor, mina got scared as its her mother’s turn n she just exchange ring from her, she goes n try to stop her but she dnt listen to her, n dhai saa saw her feet without ring n she was shocked.

Village… Suraj calm maasa down n ask her that she’s loose her spark if she gets angry than hw’ll she spell bound dadusa, maasa gets agree n says that only he understand her n rest of her DIL’s are insects who her blood by making her angry so that she luk less beautiful.

Meanwhile emily torns that envelope with photograph n as she heard maasa yelling at her DIL’s she want to dispose it n she walks towards kitchen to put it in the burning fire.

Thr maasa says that she has made kheer, suraj moves n maasa stops him saying that as he likes it so he shud hv it now, her DIL asks to bring it but maasa yells n sayz that if she goes the kheer will disappear, she herself goes n bring it.

Maasa walks towards kitchen n as she saw emiley dng sumthing thr she shouts n as emily turns the pot hanging from the roof breaks n the tamrind water inside it fell on maasa n she shouts with pain badly. Hearing her all ran towards kitchen n saw her sufering, thy bring her out imidiately n sandy gave her water to wash the face as she wash all were shocked to see her. Maasa asks but on one has the guts to reply her, at the same moment 2 men came with large mirror n maasa saw her face, it got red spots due to allergy, she couldn’t tolerate it n breaks the mirror, all were scared n shocked.

Sandy says to maasa that she got allergy due to tamrind water, she’ll put sum ointment n she’ll be f9 within 2-3 hours, Maasa replies that she’s right she’s allergic to imli(tamrind) n points towards emily, (she thought hername to be imli not emily), she dnt like her was only tolerating her as she was sandy’s frnd but now she did it all intentionally, maasa ask her to not wear bichiya thats y she spoil her beautiful face on her wedding day, the day she has arrived here all were getting spoiled n now she dnt want her here. Emily replied her back saying that it was just an accident, it was not only her mistake but maasa’s also, it shocked all, chavi ask her to be quite. Her DIL’s also ask emily to not talk to maasa like this its not allowed here, angry maasa ask emily to leave immidiately from here, she leaves from thr, all blames sandy n tears drop out from her eyes.

Precap: Bhabho yells at sandy n says that now she not only lost her trust but also her bet as emily is leaving for ajmer, after creating a mess for them.

Credit: Desitvbox

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