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Another trouble for Emily! -DABH

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Another trouble for Emily! -DABH

Post by riyya6 on 2013-04-04, 14:09

Shashi Sumeet
Mittal's Diya Aur Baati
Hum is heading towards a dramatic track. As seen currently, Emily (Pooja
Singh) is trying her level best to impress Maasa in the village so that
she could become a member of the Rathi family. Things do not go smooth for her
as Maasa's face gets accidentally spoilt due to Emily. Owing to the incident,
Maasa shouts at her and also has begun to dislike Emily a lot.

Our sources have informed us that very soon the entire Rathi
and Maasa's family will be seen performing the Ganghaur Puja ritual.
While the puja is happening, Emily sees a snake coming towards Mohit (Varunn
Jain). Seeing the snake moving towards Mohit, Emily throws a stone at the
snake with a fear of Mohit getting bitten by it.

When contacted Pooja she said, "Yes, I have also heard about
this sequence but I am yet to shoot for it."

It seems more troubles are in the way for Emily. How will Maasa
react after Emily hits the snake with a stone? The upcoming episodes of Diya Aur Baati
Hum will surely be interesting.

Anwesha Kamal

Credit : TB

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