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Raman To Buy A Dress For Ishita In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Raman To Buy A Dress For Ishita In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Post by candy on 2014-04-23, 16:17

In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein this week,Vandita and Ishita realize that the child whom Shravan had abused is Raman’s son Aditya. Aditya plays an emotional act infront Principal that he comes from broken homes and how it affects him. Raman stands by him & tells him that even though I have got separated he would always be there for him. Shagun adds to it by saying that because of Ruhi and Aditya, the relationship between her & Raman can never be broken. Ishita who is there is hearing all this, feeling bad and angry. Shagun & Raman now demand that Shravan must be rusticated from the school. Ishita & Vandita strongly object. Principal agrees that rustication is too harsh a punishment so she requests the parents to meet for for a while to discuss the matter. In the meanwhile Bala has come to his college record room to counter check the roll numbers that he had received in the sweet box. He gets to know it’s Romi Bhalla. In Iyers house Mihika receives a bouquet of flowers.

She notices that it’s for Trisha and she assumes that Mihir must have sent it to her. Mihika is hurt by it as she feels that Mihir is purposely doing all this.

In the Principal’s cabin Shravan is called. Shravan is scared but Ruhi reveals that Shravan was bullied by Aditya and his three other friends & as an impulsive reaction he said the bad word. Now those three boys are being called, Aditya is so scared by this that he blurts out the truth.

Raman now insists that Aditya will say sorry to everyone . We realize Raman has been play acting all throughout as he knew Aditya was at fault. Shagun also realizes that Raman did all this purposely as he wanted Aditya to apologize to Ishita especially as he had made her do that to Shagun. Shagun is shocked to see this turn of events and so is Ishita. Aditya apologizes to everyone & then Shagun and he exit from there.

Outside the cabin, Shagun tells Raman that he was smart enough to turn the events, but your “behenji” wife doesn’t deserve this treatment.
Ruhi hears that and she feels bad for Ishita.Mrs Bhalla goes to Mrs Iyer house and asks her threateningly how could Shravan says such bad words to Aditya. Mrs Iyer tries to explain that it was just at a spur of a moment that such a thing happened. Romi somehow manages to take Mrs Bhalla away from there before both the women could have had fist fights on this topic. On reaching home Ishita shows them her pregnancy report test which has come negative. Mrs Bhalla gets very disappointed. Seeing them unhappy Ishita also feels bad and she moves out. She meets Bala outside who has come here to pick up Vandita and Shravan. Seeing Ishita sad Bala takes her down into the lawn so that she can speak her heart out.

Meanwhile Ruhi insists Raman to take her out for shopping. Raman couldn’t deny Ruhi & they both leave. Ishita tells Bala that she is not sad to see the reports that have come negative, but she is sad because it’s due to her the Bhalla family’s hope is also getting crushed.

Bala makes her realize that she who got married only for Ruhi but now is slowly getting connected to the family. This is worth everything. After all, every mother-in-law looks forward for a concerning daughter-in-law. Hearing Bala, Ishita feels better & thanks him for lifting her spirits.

Meanwhile Ruhi tells Raman that she wants to buy a nice dress for Ishima as she wants her to look high class & not a “Behanji” . Raman gets to know that Ruhi heard Shagun calling Ishita so and so they both go and buy a dress for Ishita. Raman calls up Ishita to find out her favorite color and also the size. Ishita confirms “S” size, which Raman thinks can’t be her size & therefore he gets one more dress for her which is of a medium size.

Raman even challenges Ishita that she can’t fit in that size but Ishita insists. Inside the building while leaving Bala meets Romi and calls him with his roll number. Now Romi knows that Bala has come to know everything but Bala acts normal and rather friendly. He tells Romi that he is on his side and in fact can help him & his friends. Romi is happy as now he thinks that Bala is on his side.

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Re: Raman To Buy A Dress For Ishita In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Post by slmu on 2014-04-23, 18:17


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Re: Raman To Buy A Dress For Ishita In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Post by monsi08 on 2014-04-24, 13:50

Arre wah... thanks for the full story.. i have missed last episodes... :)

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Re: Raman To Buy A Dress For Ishita In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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