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I've not physically abused Paridhi Sharma: Santram Verma

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I've not physically abused Paridhi Sharma: Santram Verma

Post by amol.... on 2014-04-24, 17:50

Of late, Santram Verma, the man behind the
hit show Jodha Akbar has been surrounded
with a number of controversies. From being a
tough task master to being accused of
harassing and sexually abusing his actors and
technicians, Santram has always been in the
news for all the wrong reasons.
However, denying all the accusations,
Santram says that there is no truth to all
these allegations and it 's done to malign his
reputation in the industry.
READ: Paridhi Sharma sexually abused by
director Santram Verma?
"All these are just rumors and there's is no
truth to it. I've not physically abused Paridhi
or anybody in my entire career. Paridhi and
I are just professionals and we are here to
just do our jobs. We don't even talk to each
other, nor I've ever spoken to her on the
phone so how can I molest? We have a team
who co-ordinates with her for the shoots and
all. In fact I don't even shoot her (Paridhi)
scenes as Paridhi was close to the group who
walked out of the show. They used to brain
wash her as their only aim was to stop the
shoot. So I always avoid shooting with her
and have always maintained distance from
Paridhi as I don't want any clash," cleared
He further adds, "I keep on reading various
things about me and my behaviour that I
make people work for 15 hours daily. But let
me tell you, I've all the records that I can
present to you which says that no one has
worked for more than 12 hours. But people
like spreading false news and I don't give
importance to them nor do I react to it as I
know that my work speaks for myself."
When asked about the various news of him
being a tough task master and that he throws
his weight around, the director says, "This is
absolutely rubbish. I just do my work and
that is what I am here for. All this has come
from people who don't like working,"
So is the news about 90 people leaving the
show because of him false, "Yes, it's false. It
all happened because of one person who
didn't want to work or rather say was not
performing as expected so I had to ask him
to better his job or he could lose it. This
didn't go down well with him and he forced
everyone to go for a mass walkout as those
90 people were brought by him. But I still get

calls from these people asking for help to get
them a job. So this itself proves that who is
spreading all these rumors. I think as people
are jobless and they don't have anything to
do, they resort to such cheap tactics," says


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