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Qubool Hai | Introduction to Aahil Razaa Ibrahim

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Qubool Hai | Introduction to Aahil Razaa Ibrahim

Post by Maria J on 2014-04-25, 14:49

Qubool Hai | Introduction to Aahil Razaa Ibrahim

Karanveer Bohra has been roped in to essay the role of Aahil Razaa Ibrahim in the show Qubool Hai. Post the leap of 20 years, you will see a young man who has an attitude that one may think is abrasive. Is that all that defines Aahil?

Well, in the last few episodes, you might have seen a man of contradictions. A womaniser; but not a bad guy. Can a man help himself if the gals like him? ;-). He is human with emotions that a girl would perhaps want to delve deep into. A man who seems untameable. A challenge. And what woman is not interested in being the one who perhaps brings out the more emotional side of him. (Do we see the girls nod?)

Then of course, he has a temper that is like fire. When crossed or opposed, he has to get even. And so came the lighting up the Dhaba of Sanam Ahmed Khan.

However, is it all unpalatable? There is mystery shrouding him. And one person who seems to know him pretty well is Rehan. His right hand man (Well, could be left-hand too). He has a soft corner for kids. He also seems like a man of principles (some might say convoluted) but he holds his principles dear and lives by his code of conduct.

What is Aahil all about? Well you will find out as the story moves forward. And yes there is something very intriguing to him. There is a darker side. A brooding man.

Watch Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm to find out what makes this man tick. Do you find anyone around you who is like Aahil?

Do tell.

P.S. We have lost a lot of data due to our system crashing and we may not be able to give you the interviews we had lined up. Apologies for not being to able to update you all for the last few days. We are operational again and hope to recover some data to be able to bring you all that we can.


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