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A crazy idea has come out to my mind!

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A crazy idea has come out to my mind!

Post by Giannita63 on 2014-04-28, 20:05

Good morning friends! Greetings from Panama!!

While driving to my work this morning and thinking about the forthcoming Maham Anga downfall (yeah, that obsessed I am with this show that cannot take it out of my mind even when driving, LOL), a crazy thought crossed my mind about that secret cave she's visiting and that poor baby she was threatening.....

What about if this is Bakshi Banu's baby? And she's keeping her captive also?

After the incident of Sharifu hurting her wrist, the girl is nowhere to have been seen! The palace is so big and HB is so concentrated in her grief of losing her beloved Jodha that she has forgotten completely about her own children, that she may have not noticed the dissapearance of her daughter Bakshi!!

Cuz, who else is pregnant, near to deliver and could be so important to Jalal that MA cqn use a baby to make him fall?  MA and Cheapu are so evil that they are capable of joining forces to take Jalal down.  He doesn't love or care for Bakshi at all and what better way to get her out of his life!! 

Maybe fate took HB to that cave because her daughter and grandchild are there!!

Do I sound too crazy?? As you have said in other posts, eveeything is possible in Indian serials!!


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Re: A crazy idea has come out to my mind!

Post by Shesherkobita on 2014-04-28, 20:48

That's a great theory... Will wait and see.

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