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Take5:Hilarious 5-April 24th

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Take5:Hilarious 5-April 24th

Post by rock&roll on 2014-04-30, 02:29

Hello..everyone..Here we go again with another Take 5 from April 23rd

My Favourite MA is back with all her classic expressions...How we missed u,darling...

Take 1: Sleeping beauty  
Background information: As all readers of Take 5 ,Hilarious 5 know,MA  had misplaced her brains in HB's room sometime back and was hunting for it. Now MA found  her brain later,but they had gone into coma bcoz HB had locked it in an airtight box...
The scene opens  with MA coaxing her brains wrapped in the  famous dirty shawls of Agra "Uth jayiye,jag jayiye,Jaago...plz  ,kuch kha lijiye..par hamare sawaalon ka jawaab dijiye"...No wonder,MA has been acting dumb the last few days..MA..much as u might want to play  Siddharth Basu, brain ko manzoor nahin hai...but MA has a never say die attitude "Humne itne din intezaar kiya aur thoda kar lenge..par aapko jagakar  rahenge"..Atta girl, MA,we too desperately miss ur brains 

Take 2:Mehndi hai rachne waali haathon mein gehri laali
The scene opens with Jalal wearing what looks like a white saree(Gujju style) without a blouse .He has  also spilt mixed fruit jam on his right arm  ...Jo is preparing for Gangaur puja by grinding home made mehndi  & decides to test its colour by  applying the mehndi on  her favourite scapegoat.  .Jo, Jallu needs medicine not make up...  ...But kiski itni majaal jo Jodha begum ko samjhaaye ......&  Jallu is ok with anything, mehndi,medicine,murder..he will take it all with a smiling face...As Jo applies the menhdi, Jallu's heart which  after Kum Gum's attack, has shifted places to the right side to be safer, threatens to pop out. Jallu keeps holding it all the while, but his heart keeps jumping like a jack in the box...Dil hai ki manta nahin....Jallu,I suggest you wear a bowl around your neck..that way if ur heart pops out,it will fall in the bowl and u can put it back...That way u can ensure that u don't lose ur heart again.

Take 3:If looks could kill
I told u everything is Amer is running scared of Jodha...Jo stares at the Ameri curtains and they obediently fall down..... Jo gives him a look as if to say "See how I treat Amer's curtains..Imagine what I'll do to you"..Jallu,abhi bhi waqt hai...bhaagooo

Take 4:Morning Yoga
Jo decides to start her morning sessions of Surya namaskar early...Due to lack of space she decides to do her yoga, by bending over Jallu...Jallu is fascinated.....Yeh Yoga ka hunar kahan se seekha,Jodha begum...aise hi roz yoga karke mujhe uthaiye ,plz ..

Take 5:Hop skip Jump
Jallu wakes up to see a rare sight...Jodha Begum and her wafaadaar sipahis jumping around randomly as if their clothes were on fire......The sipahis have the onerous task of synchronizing their jump perfectly with Jo while simultaneously falling over each other(literally and metaphorically) to please Jo. Jalal stands, spell bound by this proliferation of hunars in Amer.On close observation he realizes that Jo begum is not only practicing high jump & kick boxing but is also playing dandiya with the sipahis..He recognizes this as a unique form of art- "the danda maar dandiya" which was slowly becoming extinct. Hunar pe hunar...Jodha begum,aap to hunar ki khan hain.
The  steps of the "the  danda maar dandiya  "go like this...
step 1(up maro) step 2(down maro) and kick
step 1(up maro) step 2(down maro) and jump(high cross jump in perfect sync)
step 1(up maro) step 2(down maro) and turn
Jalal has to use very ounce of restraint in his body to stop himself from applauding...
Take 6: Death dance
Jo begum & Jallu start doing the danda maar dandiya,much to the relief of the sipahis who were finding it very difficult to match steps with Jodha's random jumps and kicks...But as the dance progresses Jo  starts swaying  like a drunk on a murderous spree. With gr8 difficulty Jallu manages to stop the drunken tandav .

Take 7: Maina to Bharmal: Kanna keep calm,yeh hai death
Bharmal and Mainawati watch the  death dance live from the balcony..They obviously booked tickets a month in advance and got the best seats.Bharmal is a tad perturbed  & is concerned that she might kill the shehenshah. But Cuckoowati assures him as only she can
"Don't worry.These kind of fights bring the couple closer"..Really??Did cuckoowati exchange her brains for the tickets? Can a death dance bring u closer to anything other than death? But Bharmal smiles & nods  knowingly...Obviously, this is how Mainawati tamed her tota ..She goes  on  to tell him to have faith in  the value systems she has passed onto Jodha...
Value system 1:U hurt ONLY those u love...So to be a successful wife ,you should cultivate  a linear relationship between love and hurt(love x axis,hurt y axis)..The more u love someone, the more u  hurt him...wah,kya values hain..and all along we were blaming Jodha for her behavior...

Dialogue of the Day
Jo"Hum aapke sirhaane se saanp hata rahe the,aap chaunke kyon"... Jo, u were removing a snake,  not combing his hair ...& anyway, What did u want him to do? Kiss the snake?
Gaur se dekho:
How Jodha begum always lashes out with the sword after Jalal bends his head down....Wasn't Jalal supposed to bend down in reaction to Jo's sword lashing... Par yahan to pehle reaction hai,phir action...

Note how Ruqs runs away as soon as she sees a half asleep Rahim...No midnight stories plz...

MA's ostrich syndrome is deteriorating by the day..Now she has begun her "shawl wala walks" in the day time...

Plz do let me know if u liked it ..Will post more uptodate takes henceforth  hpee 


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