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SC - My Thoughts - 5/4/13

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SC - My Thoughts - 5/4/13

Post by HamiSky on 2013-04-05, 21:37

I may be overrating the episode..but in my first impression and in weighing the quality of the character that is SC, in awe of the man who is bringing that char's very very good episode.

Quality of storytelling, quality of acting( except guman n her dance) quality of presentation..everything was just in place.

SC.. The goodness is in him in born, the will power is in him , the selflessness is in him...the writer of the original could have played with words to make his point but today Gautama just portrayed without even an ounce overdoing he is doing super nice super strong hero is strong, sc is handsome, sc is selfless and that everything the actor showed least it looked so. He did not even raise his finger to portray what char he is doing..just the body language, voice modulation and expressions did everything.

All the Guman nautanki and the out fosync dance went into the blues and the convo of Kumud - sc and the arrest that followed it Is still lingering in my memory. The scene as such in fact did no have anything special but the treatment and presentation made all the difference.

Convo between Kumud- sc was so nicely done. Jennifer might have not done as good as GR but she was more than adequate.

I loved the episode for its quality.

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Re: SC - My Thoughts - 5/4/13

Post by Jayaa on 2013-04-05, 22:54

nice post.....)


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