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Qubool Hai | Broken Pieces – Sanam And Aahil

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Qubool Hai | Broken Pieces – Sanam And Aahil

Post by Maria J on 2014-05-01, 11:51

Qubool Hai | Broken Pieces – Sanam And Aahil

Aahil Razaa Ibrahim is a man who is broken, donning the facade of being a man who is all together. Inside, there is a dark place that harbour images of pain, pieces that refuse to be joined. He is troubled, lonely and alone. Despite having everything that money can buy, he cannot find peace. He seeks solace in arms of a woman and at the bottom of a glass of whisky but the turmoil envelopes him like a cloak.

Disjointed dreams that speak of torture, that speak of a life that he seeks to run away from. But can one run away? Can one disentangle one’s shadow from oneself? What does Aahil’s heart seek?

Sanam Ahmed Khan has seen pain. Pain of not having shelter of her parents over her head. Pain of having to face life’s harsh realities, be it not having enough money to buy medicines for her Badi Ammi or get her sister’s operation done. And the final straw that came was losing her precious Dhabaa. First a man who burnt it to ashes and then a man who sold it for greed.

Her dreams are shattered, of a loving husband, of a successful business, of being the support she wants to be to her family.

Broken pieces is what we find. Pieces that refuse to join. Aahil and Sanam are the two halves of a whole, two pieces that complete a puzzle. But will they realise that they are meant to be or will they, based on their initial meeting, be at the opposite end of a spectrum?

Watch Qubool Hai, every Monday to Friday on Zee TV to find out what life dishes out to Aahil and Sanam.


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Re: Qubool Hai | Broken Pieces – Sanam And Aahil

Post by sweetheart on 2014-05-03, 22:14

nice update maria


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