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Stand In For the Television Shows

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Stand In For the Television Shows

Post by Maria J on 2014-05-01, 14:14

Stand In For the Television Shows

There are times, when we wish, we had someone who would do half the work for us. Do the jobs that are not so desirous. These are the times when we know a clone of ours would be so handy. Yeah, I wish these things when there is a traffic jam that is horrendous and one has to to wait endlessly for it to clear (and please understand that I love driving and love cars). That is when I wish for a driver, miraculously appearing at my window and tapping with a beguiling smile and say, “Please move over, I shall take over for you.”

Thud. Woke up from that particularly fond dream. We do get some nightmares about traffic and it is our pet peeve.

Lekin, kuch log kaheinge, topic se bhatak rahe ho bhai.

Ok, that sounded like Rehan talking  to Aahil. Still topic se bhatak rahe ho, bhai.

So Stand-In. Sigh. They are people who are traditionally clones of the big stars, who look like them (to an extent), be it coloring, height and body structure. The time is of essence when a certain personality comes for a shoot. Say, Amitabh Bachchan (wrong example, as he usually does his own stand-in – But there is another story there, which we shall bring, some other time.) Okay, We had seen Aishwarya Rai Bachchan at an Ad shoot in Fillmistan, where we happened to be shooting as well. The furore was palpable when we saw a lady who looked like her, dressed like her (in a gold sheath) and people thought it was her. Till, some wise old souls in the industry told the people milling around, that it was her stand in. The crowd dispersed. Well, what else.

What is the purpose of a stand-in? They help a Director of Photography/Cinematographer to set up the shot, with appropriate lights, camera angle, et al, without wasting the precious time that the star has given. Say, the star has given 4 hours for a shoot. When setting up the lights for the scene, ad or shot, a stand in will be brought much before the artist is called on set to give the shot. Saves precious time and work gets done faster.


In television, the stand-ins are usually the camera crew, assistants of the DoP to help them ascertain, the amount of face light to be had and what light is to be cut off. Here is an example of assistants standing -in for Karanveer Bohra and Surbhi Jyoti.

Then there are Assistant Directors who stand in for the purpose. Do look at these pictures with a view to us giving you some insights into how a television show is made.

After all the work that ensures smooth sailing for the artists (well, not all the time), We see the artists, come on to the scene, do a rehearsal for the movement and give a shot.

Here they are.

We shall bring you more on this topic with varied example. So stay tuned for more insights on what happens behind the scenes.


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