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KumKum Bhagya - Written Update - 2 May 2014

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KumKum Bhagya - Written Update - 2 May 2014

Post by slmu on 2014-05-02, 22:06

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd May 2014 Written Episode

The episode starts with Suresh asking Pragya to forgive him. Pragya says it is all his fault, she believed in breaking stars but forgot she herself is broken and destitute. Suresh asks her to give him one chance to tell the truth. Sarla comes there and sees Suresh holding Pragya’s hand. She gets shy and goes down asking Pragya to come down. Pragya goes down to her room sadly and closes her room. Teri khata hai, mere jia…. song plays in the background. She takes Suresh and her pic and tears it angrily. She takes Suresh’s rose and ring and remembers him giving it to Bulbul instead. She cries vigorously. Suresh sees her crying from his house room and waves her.

Bulbul comes back from Delhi. She is traveling with Purab in his car. She thinks if she is that bad. Purab says she is not bad and praises her. Purab drops her near home. Pragya and Suresh are about to leave for college. Bulbul comes and says Pragya that she wants to talk to her fiance and asks Suresh if she looks beautiful to him. She asks to tell him truth as she wants to know his honest opinion and if a guy can stay awake seeing her pic, if he can look at her eyes continuously, etc. Suresh says yes. She hugs him happily and says even saali is aadi ghar wali. She goes from there happily.

Abi and Purab meet daadi. Dadi asks where had they gone. Abhi says he had gone to earn money and jokes that he should keep a security guard for her as she has become rich. Purab says Abhi does not know to keep his money. Abhi’s aunt comes and says her son Akash will take care of his money as daadi cannot take care of his money now. Abhi asks Akash if he wants to take care of his money and says he is getting married to a rich girl. He says he will give money to Akash to enjoy instead and says Purab will take care of his money. He asks his aunt to take money whenever she wants, but he cannot burden her with responsibility. Aunty gets angry and goes from there.

Purbi shows Sarla jewellery set. Sarla remembers it was worn by Pragya during all her enagements and they got broken. She asks Purbi to keep it in her cupboard. Madhavi brings necklace for Pragya. Pragya and Suresh come there. Sarla says it is Rachna’s marriage and she should also look best. She asks what is she thinking abhout. Purbi jokes she is thinking about Suresh.

Madhavi jokes that she should get Suresh and Pragya married soon. Daadi also jokes Pragya to hold Suresh tightly when they travel in his scooter.

Abhi and Purab remember their childhood days and remember Purab rescuing Abhi. Abhi says he fought with his other friends for him, but he is now spending his whole hard-earned money on his family. Abhi says his family deserves his money. Abhi says they derseve his love, not his money. Abhi says he is the only person who takes care of him without being selfish, so he does not want him to leave.

Suresh brakes his bike suddently and asks sorry to Pragya. Pragya asks her not to feel guilty for loving Bulbul. She says he is his best friend and does not want to lose her friendship. She will speak to Bulbul if he loves her. Suresh says he now understood that Bulbul cannot love him. Because of his one mistake, they are into trouble and he does not want more troubles. They reach college. Students cogratulate them and say they knew they had an affair from before. Even other teachers congratulate them and say they knew from it before and joke how did Suresh propose her. Suresh gets angry and goes from there. Pragya goes behind him and says it is not their fault, they are speaking what they know. Suresh says he did a big mistake. Pragya asks him not to feel guilty. Suresh asks why is she so good, he broke everyone’s heart, and he ruined everyone’s happiness. He thinks how to inform his and Sarla’s family about the truth.

Pragya comes to a book stall and thinks whenever she is sad, she comes here and read books, but this time, she cannot feel happy here. She hears Abhi talking loudly there. She asks him to speak slowly, but he does not see her. He keeps on talking to Purab and says people are fool to fall in love and says in this love, there is no stupid thing than love. Pragya cries and goes from there. Abhi asks Purab when is he coming for the event. Purab says he cannot come as the new girl has gone back on leave.
Abhi promotes his new album. Audiences shout his name Abhi abhi… Abhi says his fans that he believes in love and nothing is more than love. Pragya remembers his words that he hates love, etc. just a moment before. Pragya says he is telling lie. Abhi asks who told this. A fan shows Pragya and says she told that.

Precap: Pragya hugs Sarla and says what if her marriage breaks even this time. Sarla says it will not happen this time and she will get all the happiness of life.


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Re: KumKum Bhagya - Written Update - 2 May 2014

Post by riyya6 on 2014-05-10, 20:12


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