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Judge To Visit Raman’s House Over Ruhi’s Custody In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Judge To Visit Raman’s House Over Ruhi’s Custody In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Post by candy on 2014-05-02, 23:43

In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein,  At the breakfast table Simmi announces that they are leaving for Karnal. Mrs Bhalla is taken aback by their sudden plan and tries explaining her, not to take nay hasty decision. Ruhi has just woken up and she asks for Ishita .

She innocently also asks if they are leaving for some holiday. Simmi snaps at her saying that they are not leaving out of choice rather has been thrown out because of Ishita. Ruhi is shocked to hear this. Raman shouts at Simmi and tells her to behave rightly with Ruhi. He tells Ruhi that Ishita has gone to Iyers house to stay for some time. Ruhi runs to Iyer’s house and asks Ishita why is she staying there.

Ishita doesn’t want to hurt Ruhi so tells her that she is on a vacation. Ruhi also decides to stay here. Raman later finds Ishita’s phone and comes to Iyer’s house to give it her.
While exiting he overhears Ishita say that she hates this phone as it has got tampered. Raman decides to find out how. Raman comes back home. Mrs Bhalla is upset that he has allowed Ruhi to meet Ishita. Raman makes it very clear to everyone in his family that whatever has happened will not affect Ruhi’s relationship with Ishita therefore is going to stop or come in between them.Raman is getting ready to go to work. He is missing Ishita as she used to take care of his clothes.

He gets ready and is moving out. Mrs Bhalla meets him and stop him. Raman, who is getting late thinks that she wants to talk about Simmi so ignores her and tells her that he will sort everything later . Ruhi also meets him at the door & she tells him with a wonder : ” papa are you going to office like this?” Raman says yes and moves out. While going down , he meets Ishita and she tells him that he has forgotten to wear his pants. Raman now looks down and realizes that it was this that everyone was trying to say, but he never let them complete. He rushes back home in embarrassment.

At home, Vandita & Bala are talking about Ishita & Raman and Bala’s mother happens to overhear it. She gets an idea to get even with Raman and Ishita. She approaches Shagun and tells her that Raman and Ishita are separated. Shagun is happy to hear this and she knows what she can now do to get even with Raman.Raman goes to Ishita’s clinic to meet Sarika so that he can talk to her & find out all the details. Over there he is informed that Sarika has not been coming to work. Somehow he manages to pull out her residence address & decides to go there. Raman reaches Sarika’s building and is told by the guard that she is not in her room. Later the guard says that she has just entered the building and points to a girl on a scooty.
Raman sees her and remembers that he had seen her once with Param.

Raman is now very sure that Param has been lying about many things. Shagun who has been informed about Raman & Ishita’s separation has come to the court to meet the Judge. She tells her that how Raman and Ishita enacted well to win over Ruhi’s custody. Judge is furious to learn this and she agrees to go with Shagun to Bhalla’s house to review this matter.

Mihir, who has come here to meet him company lawyer, sees them leave together & suspects danger. He tries calling up Raman , but his phone is busy. At home, Param is talking to Sarika & is threatening her to be silent about this whole thing. Raman overhears that & he is not very sure that Param is not innocent. Before he could gather his thought, the doorbell rings and we see Judge entering the house with Shagun. There are tension & nervousness.

Credits- Tellyexpress

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