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YRKKH - WU 5 Apr '13

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YRKKH - WU 5 Apr '13

Post by slmu on 2013-04-06, 10:44

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 5th April 2013 Written Update by Sakshi

Gy3- RJ surprises everyone by speaking in english, everyone claps for them & all were surprised. Akshara is excited to see naitik’s reaction when he will see the renovation of room.vish gifts rj a watch, RJ says thanks & she blushes. everyone are sitting in courtyard. Naitik goes upstairs to take his charger. Akshara is very eager to see his reaction, then naitik calls akshi. Akshara almost runs to her room. Bm & gy3 notices this & smile.

Akshara reaches her room but her happiness vanishes when naitik says what have you done of the room? Naksh argue,
Akshara says naitik you don’t have time for deciding the shades & all. Naitik chides so you could have waited for me. akshara cries while sitting on the bed & takes a look at the card which she kept for naitik. In which it was written ” Yeh Nayi Rang Humari Zindegi mein bhi naye rang bhar de”

Gy3,Bm & Duggu come in NaKsh room they praise the work. Gy3 tells naitik to gift Akshara something she did so much hard work for the renovation of the room & also she decided the things of your choices too. Duggu calls akshi supermom naitik realises his mistake. night Akshara arranging things on places naitik says sorry . Seeing sudden change in the room setting made me feel awkward so I reacted like that. He goes to duggu’s room for some work.

Its 1st April ananya makes everyone fool.She tries to scare everyone by lizard & afterwards she reveals it was duplicate. Duggu to makes everyone fool by saying look goldie’s baby. Naitik rebukes at him does anyone play pranks with elders? He says from today onwards duggu will not attend any parties. Duggu was in tears just then Naitik burts to laugh & says april fool .. everyone laughs, duggu hugs naitik & praises him he can act so well to which naitik replies who’s dad I’m .episode ends.

precap: gy3 is waiting for duggu as he has gone to party duggu returns alone.

Credit: Desitvbox

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