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Challenges before Astha

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Challenges before Astha

Post by Shailu on 2014-05-05, 12:19

After all the hurdles, problems and continuous NO of Shlok finally Astha was able to make Shlok confess his love for her.As all the fans were expecting now ,very intense and beautiful love scenes between the leads of the show ,the show took a major turn of disclosing the truth of Niranjan in front of Astha.As we have seen Niranjan’s dual personality – at one side ,in front of his  family he acts very nice and understanding person but actually in his bedroom he tortures his wife,Anjali brutally. All the harshness that we have seen in Anjali’s character is just because of Niranjan’s command that she follows dumbly.

But now all this has been disclosed in front of Astha.And been a very brave girl Astha is all set to take her Saasu Bai out of this painful life.The most difficult part of this is that Shlok who hates his mother and had too much love and respect for his father will never believe any of Astha’s word.How will Astha bring truth of Niranjan in front of whole family especially her most beloved husband SHLOK?

In the meantime,Astha will also face the truth that her sister- in-law ,Jyoti is hiding in Astha’s parents house from her in –laws.How will Astha handle this ? Will Shlok support her or again we will see hatred and parting between the leads?

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