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Balika Vadhu - Written Update - 5 May 2014

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Balika Vadhu - Written Update - 5 May 2014

Post by slmu on 2014-05-05, 21:21

Balika Vadhu 5th May 2014 Written Episode

The episode starts with Buaji saying who will get their son married to a divorcee lady. Ira comes and says Shiv has chosen Anandi as she won his heart with her innocence and goodness. We think she is the ideal bahu. Buaji says, I like the love between a mom in law and her daughter in law.

Ira tells Anandi that Buaji likes to eat in brass plates. Daddu looks at the gravy dish and says it has lots of oil. Meenu and Ira ask Daddu not to eat oily food. Anandi says, by mistake I poured lot of oil. Buaji taunts Anandi indirectly. Anandi gets hurt. Buaji asks her to serve the food. Jagya and family are having golas. Gehna, Ganga, Sumitra argue with each other. Dadisaa goes to them and ask them to get it one by one. She tastes the golas. Everyone burst into laughter.

Anoop reminiscences about his school days with the family. Buaji asks, why you are worried about Amol’s school. Daddu says, he is a intelligent boy. Anandi is working hard on him. Anandi and Shiv come home. Daddu and Ira ask about Amol’s result. Shiv looks at Anandi. Buaji says, I understand, Amol is not good at studies. Daddu and Alok call for Amol. Amol comes inside with balloons around his wheel chair. He announces that he got good marks and was appreciated by his teachers and principal. Everyone applaud for him. Amol gives chocolates to everyone.

Amol tells his family that he needs story books, ball and ludo games as gifts. Amol says, my mummy and papa will take me for an outing. Buaji thinks what happened to this family as they accepted Anandi and Amol.

Shiv, Anandi and Amol are having chat. Anandi and Shiv look in each other eyes. Amol says, you are not listening to me like Bade Dadi. He tells them about her indifference towards him. Anandi explains to him that it is their duty to keep her happy. Amol thinks to take Chaat for her.

Buaji teaches spices making to Ira and Meenu. Anandi says, I will get it from outside. Buaji says, you will get it at high price. She again taunts Anandi indirectly. Shiv looks on. Amol offers chat to Subhadra. She refuses to eat it. Amol insists. Buaji asks him to eat it. She asks them to stop eating outside food. Shiv notices her commanding behavior and goes to his room.

Dadisaa asks, who have broken the window glass. She is surprised to see all the family playing cricket.


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