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AkDha OS ~Love The Way You Lie~

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AkDha OS ~Love The Way You Lie~

Post by ..Tahniat.. on 2014-05-06, 14:52

Jalal and Jodha were both now very good friends. Jalal used to come to Jodha whenever he would get time out of his busy schedule. Every night he would come to Jodha and both of them would share about their daily life. Jodha started feeling for Jalal.. She started loving him by heart. But She never got the courage to confess her feelings to Jalal in the fear of rejection. 

Jalal always announced himself as the heartless man, so Jodha never ever made him sense that she loves him. One morning Jalal payed a visit to Jodha's chambers. He very well knew that she would be doing her morning prayers at that time. He was right! Her melodious voice calmed the entire environment. It was so soothing...Jalal closed his eyes..

"Shehensha prasad lijiye." Jalal was so engrossed in her melodious voice that he didnt realize when it had ended. Her pair of brown eyes looked at him with content and love. He took the prasad from her hand and stuffed it inside his mouth. "Shehensha dhime se khaiye.." Jalal gave a cute smile to Jodha and said "Jodha begum, Hume kuch kehna hai." Jalal's voice was filled with love and this made Jodha's heart skip. 

Jalal turned away from Jodha and spoke in a very low tone "Jodha.. Hume pyaar hogaya hai!" Jodha was flabbergasted and she froze right in her place. Was he confessing his love for me?? Jodha stood their in disbelief. Then she slowly spoke up "prem??" Now Jalal sounded excited "Ji hai! Mohabbat!" Now he turned to face Jodha, he saw her eyes gleaming with excitement. "Shehensha! Sacch??" Jalal smiled broadly "Ji sacch... Hume pyaar hogaya hai... Aur wo bhi..." Jalal turned around again, showing his back to Jodha "aur wo bhi Ruqqaiya se!" the room fell in complete silence.. All the hopes inside Jodha shattered. Her heart seemed like shredding apart.. Her love.. Correction, he was not her love but he had only considered her as his friend. Someone else ruled his heart. She controlled her tears and plastered a fake smile "yeh to acchi baat hai! Aapne kaha unse?" Jodha could hardly speak.. But she had to stay strong.

"Nahi Jodha begum. Issiliye to hum aapke paas aaye hai. Hume aapki madat Chahiye.." Jodha turned her face away. Her voice almost breaking "boliye..." "Wo aaj Raat aap humare kaksh Mei aajayega.. Hum aapko tab Sab bata denge. Madat karengi na?" Tears were falling from her eyes.. Her voice was shaky as she spoke "za..zaroor.." Jalal smiled "Aab Hum chalte hai.." By saying this Jalal left the room leaving Jodha devasted.. Tears were out of control. It fell uncontrollably. 

She tried to explain to herself that the only thing mattered was her love to be happy. Happy with Ruqqaiya. "Itne logo se ek Hume hi mila yeh baat kehne k liye?" 

Her eyes were red and puffy due to all the crying. She applied a pack on her face to lessen the puffiness in her eyes. The day passed really quickly for Jodha and in no time the moon was high up in the sky.

The day had been really painful for Jodha. The love confession, the help and her love for Jalal circled around her head. All day long she prepared herself to be strong. Strong enough to face Jalal and help him..

A bandhi arrived in her room and said that the emperor is waiting for her in his room. It was time. Time to act strong...She sighed heavily as she left her chambers and started for his. As she reached there she found no guard outside his room. She slowly stepped inside the room... 

Jodha looked around the room and was surprised. The room was decorated beautifully with rose petals and diya's. Just then she heard a husky voice "Jodha Begum"
Jodha turned around and saw Jalal who was wearing the same dress he had worn during their first meeting. 

He smiled at her. He looked at her with love and passion. He slowly moved towards her. "Shehensha wo Ruqqaiya begum!" Jalal shushed Jodha by putting his finger on her lips. "Jodha don't u have any problem that I am in love with Ruqqaiya?" Jodha lowered her eyes as she didnt want to be caught lying "Nahi... Hume kyu aapati hogi?" 

Jalal held her by the chin and made her look right into her eyes. All he could see was pain. His Heart ached. His lips were tracing around her cheeks and he spoke in a low tone "Jodha begum, sach bataiye..." Jodha quickly moved her face away and said "Shehensha Hume bura Lagta hai... Bohot bura Lagta hai! Lekin hum kya kar sakte hai.. Aap Ruqqaiya begum se Mohabbat karte hai. Humse Nahi." Jalal spoke in a serious tone "Jodha begum aap chati hai ki hum aapse pyaar kare? Kyu kare?"

"Kyuki hum aapse prem karte hai.. Paar aab kuch Nahi ho sakta.. Aap kissi aur se prem karte hai." A tear escaped from Jodha's eyes. There she said it.The thing she felt for him was out in front of him. She got no reply from him as she had expected it to happen. She turned to face him and she was dumbfounded..

Jalal was on his knees and he looked at Jodha with passion and love. For a moment she thought he was in love with her. The next action of his shocked her more...

He sang:

"kehne ko jashn e bahaara hai..
Ishq yeh dekh k haira hai..
Kehne ko jashn e bahaara hai.
Ishq yeh dekh k haira hai"

Jodha's expression changed from shocked to confused and the last one 
was a smile. She opened her mouth to speak up but Jalal gestured by his hand not to talk.

"Phool se khushbu Khafa Khafa hai gulshan Mei..
Chupa hai koi ranje fizaa k chilmaan Mei..
Saare sehen naazare hai
Soye soye waqt k dhaare hai..
Aur dil Mei koi khoyi si baate hai.."
Jalal bit his tongue "Jodha begum baki hum bhul Gaye.." Jodha was in awe. Did he sing all this for her? Of course u idiot,She thought.Jodha giggled after Jalal gave the cute expression of his.Jalal cupped Jodha's face and said passionately "Jodha begum, Jab aap paas aati hai toh dil Mei kuch hota hai. Jab durr jati hai toh yeh dil aapko dhund ta hai. Aapke haar choti choti baat Hume accha Lagta hai. Aapke Jaan Mei humare Jaan basa huya hai.. Toh aaj hum aapne aapko aapke saamne rakh dete hai. Hum aapse mohabbat karte hai.. Beinteha Mohabbat."

Tears streamed down Jodha's eyes. This was the tears of happiness. God had blessed her with such a loving husband who loved her by her heart. She spoke with much difficulty "Shehensha! Aapne phir kyu kaha ki aap Ruqqaiya Begum se prem karte hai?" Jodha pretended to be angry. Jalal hugged Jodha and said "agar hum yeh na karte toh aap humse kabhi izhaar e mohabbat Nahi karte. Aur Hume aapko jalte huye dekhne mei Bohot Maza Aata hai.." 

Before Jodha could say something Jalal smashed his lips on to hers.. Lights off! *SR*

This OS is for all the lovely ladies in the forum... Thankx for appreciating my work.. I'll surely write more.. long hug 


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Re: AkDha OS ~Love The Way You Lie~

Post by aishakapoor on 2014-05-06, 15:05

really cute yaar!!! but i cannot imagine jalal on his knees singing jashn-e-bahara!!! like its close to impossible!!but gr8 work!!!
keep writing!!!

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Re: AkDha OS ~Love The Way You Lie~

Post by pollyanna on 2014-05-06, 15:10

Wow...BEAUTIFUL...hopefully we are getting SR in ur next  luv  bounce  party4

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Re: AkDha OS ~Love The Way You Lie~

Post by Sanchu on 2014-05-06, 16:10

good yaar................b8 wo song wala portion mujhe kuch unsuitable laga.................b8 jj's love confession style....just awesome  blossom yaar.............just love ur ff........ Starry Love  Starry Love

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Re: AkDha OS ~Love The Way You Lie~

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