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TV celebs give fashion tips to beat the heat this summer

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TV celebs give fashion tips to beat the heat this summer

Post by Nanayaa623 on 2014-05-07, 08:14

06 May 2014 05:58 PM | TellychakkarTeam

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The radiating summer sun is finally here, and it's time to heat things up a bit with this year's summer style. Summer fashion is cool, hip and vibrant with more colours, prints and bucolic style. With an emphasis on fabric and some trendy patterns we speak to some of the most fashionable people from the television industry on the style they are sporting this summer.
Gurmeet Choudhary:
I normally love wearing white shirts paired with blue denim jeans. However, during summer I believe people should wear what they are most comfortable in. There is a trend of wearing floral prints and cotton pants which is extremely comfortable and edgy.
Kratika Sengar:
Summer for me is all about wearing linen shirts, shorts and wearing more of floral light coloured clothes. I normally prefer staying back at home if I am not shooting but if at all I get out, I make sure to carry sunscreen and anti-perspirant.
Harshad Arora:
Summer is all about chilling and being cool so why not dress like that? I like sporting shorts paired with a t-shirt and flip-flops.
Asha Negi:
I prefer wearing something which is more comfortable than stylish. Pants, harems, flowing dresses is something people can opt for since it is so hot. I do wear jeans too but prefer the boyfriend fit which is very comfortable and not very tight. My party wear during summer includes shorts and cotton tops or dresses. Also, I tie my hair when I step out in the sun and avoid wearing lip gloss as it can get very sticky. I opt for mat lipsticks instead.
Paridhi Sharma:
I feel cotton is the best clothing one can wear in summer. Also, I would like to advise people to wear more of light colours. It is very important to keep yourself hydrated too, so one needs to drink more water during summers.
Giaa Maanek:
I would advise people to wear cotton clothes. Full sleeves are a complete no-no as there is hardly a day when it is cold in Mumbai. I would like to tell that jeans would make people feel more hot so they could opt for cotton pants. Capris are back in fashion too. Also when at home people can make themselves comfortable in shorts and if they are comfortable wearing it outdoors it is nice. Cotton knee length dresses are an in thing during summers. I would like to tell all my fans and readers that water intake is very important and also people should avoid too much make-up as the heat will make them look tacky.
Krystle D'souza:
I prefer wearing a lot of floral clothes particularly in cotton so that I do not sweat too much. People should wear the material in which they are comfortable in and also the clothing in which they feel at ease. Some may be comfortable in shorts while some in sleeveless etc. So it varies person to person.
Karan Patel:
I feel everyone should wear very basic light colours during summer. While women should opt wearing flowy clothes, men should wear something comfortable like a cool vest and trousers which are not tight in fit. Also if they can carry colours like lemon yellow and light orange it could make a very good style statement. Carrying a stylish gamcha will help keep them cool all day.

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