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Spoiler- Balika Vadhu

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Spoiler- Balika Vadhu

Post by candy on 2014-05-07, 18:13

Het Singh and his friend catch hold of Gulli and tie her up. Shiv’s PA informs Shiv that an under construiction building has collapsed.. Shiv immeditely decides to look into the matter.. Kalyani reaches the spot where Gulli was supposed to meet her. Kalyani finds some thing wrong in the hut and walks in to find Het Singh’s son and his friends trying to molest Gulli . Kalyani fires the bullet on Het Singh’s son to save Gulli but unfortunately she fails to save Gulli from getting hurt. Kalyani is in a semiconscious state as she didn’t believe that she has killed someone… She then try to pacify Gulli.


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