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Astha stuns Anjali with her surprise birthday party

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Astha stuns Anjali with her surprise birthday party

Post by Shailu on 2014-05-07, 19:31

Jyoti messages Astha insisting her to come over and meet her. Astha chats with her. Abhay checks Astha’s phone and gets scolded by her for being so mannerless. Abhay starts doubting Astha for knowing something about Jyoti. Astha goes to meet Jyoti who tells her that its Anjali’s 50th birthday. Jyoti asks her to give her gift to Anjali. Astha tells her that this time the whole Agnihotri family will celebrate Anjali’s birthday. Astha gets excited and plans a surprise birthday party for Anjali without taking her permission. Astha takes Kaka and Varad’s help and does beautiful decorations and adds some family photos too giving personal touches.
Anjali comes down and is shocked to see what Astha have done. Astha greets her and wishes her happy birthday Sasubai. She is about to do her tilak but Anjali stops her holding her hand. Anjali tells her that woman’s birthday is not celebrated in this house. She scolds Astha for always going against her and trying to change the rules of the house. Anjali is actually scared of Niranjan’s reaction and Astha understands her worry very well. Shlok comes there to support Astha and clears to Anjali that Astha asked him to take Niranjan’s permission and he happily agreed. Anjali is stunned. Shlok asks Anjali to enjoy her birthday party with her family. Astha is slowly making Shlok’s equation with Anjali good. Will Astha succeed in making Anjali valued in her house?

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