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Change Aayega, Main Laaongi

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Change Aayega, Main Laaongi

Post by Shailu on 2014-05-10, 12:55

[size=36]Astha Decides To Change The Face And Rituals Of Agnihortri Parivaar.[/size]

After Astha’s (Shernu Parekh) sasu bai Anjali’s (Geetanjali Tikekar) birthday drama, viewers will get to see Astha in action as she decides to reform the ways, the beliefs, the rituals followed by the Agnihotri Family.

In the upcoming episodes Astha will be seen standing up for Jyoti (Sheetal Dabholkar) the daughter of the house. Viewers saw how Jyoti managed to escape from the clutches of an abusive marriage and is now living with the Kirloskars afraid to bear the consequences once she shows herself.

According to sources Niranjan Agnihotri (Manish Wadhwa) will ask Jyoti to go back to her husband Abhay’s house even after coming to know what had happened. Unable to tolerate the injustice that is being done Astha will call the police following which Abhay will be arrested for all the violence done on Jyoti leaving Niranjan fuming with anger.

Astha will also try to make Anjali that there is more to life that just being a wife and the loyal bahu of Agnihotri Parivaar. Astha will make Anjali realize the happiness she has been missing out, with Jyoti pregnant and the latter becoming a grandmother.

Astha who has taken it upon herself to bring about the change will also be seen tampering with the shoe rack which is a reminder of the gender differentiation in the family.
Will Astha be able to abolish the system that has been practiced for years at the Agnihotri Mansion?


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