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Take 5:Hilarious 5 May 9th

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Take 5:Hilarious 5 May 9th

Post by rock&roll on 2014-05-12, 15:28

Hi everyone...Back with my take 5 of Friday..yeah..i know..Friday was a long way off...but it was a gud fun episode,nevertheless...

Take 1: A mukh for a message
Kunwar Pratap  to Messenger” Tumhara Mukh bata raha hai ki sandesh vichitra hai:”
Does Kunwar Pratap employ messengers with special mukhs (faces) for special messages?5 “Vichitra sandesh faces”,”3 gambhir sandesh faces” and 4”prasanna sandesh faces” in the retinue of messenger services. Rolling Eyes  Rolling Eyes 

Take 2: The prickly crown:
Jalal says” Shehenshah ke sar pe jo Taaj hota hai usmein jewarat se zyada kaante hota hai”..Looks like Humayab gave Jalal a raw deal….When he was on the run from Sher shah he used up all the crown’s  jewels for his daily expenses and stuffed them with thorns instead....Now Jalal thinks a shehenshah always wears thorns in his crown....This explains his frequent headaches nty 

Take 3:Akele Akele zindabad
Moti arrives with her chamchis  to thank Jalla for the teerth tax abolishmnent.But at the precise moment when needed her chamchis are caught napping.Moti has to do to the shehenshah Zindabad and Shehnshah ki jao ho all by herself..The crowd simply refuses to join her in the chorus…..Why not employ Adham Khan’s echo,Moti?It works very well   and for all dialogues

Take 4:Precious Prasad
Jodha finishes her Puja..and finally gives a laddu to Shaguni bai(who had been eyeing it for the last 2 episodes)….Shaggu watch out..the laddu is from the Thaali walks in is over 3 months old…..

Shakeme  Bye   croaks and quakes her “Jodha Bye bye” slogan one last time. Shakeme Bai has hired a very efficient worker called Niyati who is adept at playing games(Niyati ka khel).This Niyati lady is now going to make sure Jo leaves for Agra asap.

Jo is seen following Ameri tradition by distributing one 1 rupee coin and 5 gms of peanuts to all the devotees after the Puja..The devotees are so disgusted with the Prasad that they mockingly tell her  that they do not need that “Dhan” and she should use it for some other shubh kaarya…

Take 5: Quit Amer movement of  1575

Jo returns from the pooja..”Daan karna mein samay lag gaya.”.No wonder….who wants 5 gms of peanuts as daan….
Jo announces her iraada to return to Agra..Action pe reactions

Reaction 1 :Bharmal is so thrilled that he gives up his seven course meal for the night and announces :Utsav manao…Its party time…. Party1 

Reaction 2 :Dadisa:Gets on her hotline to Amebaa and offers her a telepathic thank you shhh 

Reaction 3 :Maasa:”zara phir se kehna”…yeah,right….ask her to repeat  it..she is very much capable of retracting her statement…Maasa should get Jo’s signature on a stamped paper…just in case..

Reaction 4 :Brothers:Relief…finally she goes home…

Jo wants to leave at night but Maasa wants a shubh mahurat .........Bapusa’s  reaction is:

Reaction 5 :“maina…we don’t need no shubh mahurat to send her home, Send her away right now..before she changes her mind…Jo beta raat ko hi niklo..…”..Wise call..Bharmal also sends her brothers with her to Agra….I think he is planning to   send Dadisa also on a pilgrimage trip and take a second honeymoon with Mainawati……….God knows he deserves it…

Mauke pe chauka:
Jodha feels”Shehensah badal rahe hai”..Right lest he walk away with credit for all the good deeds…Run and snatch it away from him.leave tonight… Rolling Eyes 

Plz answer:
Why has knuwar pratap employed two bhompu type dadajis as his special advisors


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Re: Take 5:Hilarious 5 May 9th

Post by Jiggy on 2014-05-12, 17:10

oh anita ROFL
you're a riot dear hppy hppy
shakeme bye.... ROFL thats was awesome
and yeah, moti's akele akele zindabad was so awkward... Clap
but dadisa's reaction to jo's decision was the best... she's one epic woman my dadisa
honorary mention: thalli walks ROFL
you reminded me of your song ROFL ROFL

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Re: Take 5:Hilarious 5 May 9th

Post by neha on 2014-05-12, 17:18

hppy hppy  awesome post dear !

Kunwar Pratap has hired those bhopus so that he can bajatey raho all the time  Twisted Evil 

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Re: Take 5:Hilarious 5 May 9th

Post by Tanthya on 2014-05-12, 17:19

hppy  hppy  hppy  hppy  First lemme recover ...

MP has appointed 2 bhompu's n has surrounded himself with Humpty Dumpty cuz that's the only way, he will look young n better varna he will look like TE ka par Dada ..

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Re: Take 5:Hilarious 5 May 9th

Post by harrybird on 2014-05-12, 18:04

OMG!!! Anita dear, this is too stomach hurts!!!



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Re: Take 5:Hilarious 5 May 9th

Post by Sanchu on 2014-05-12, 18:58

hppy  hppy  ROFL  ROFL 
Anita...........just awesome dear...can't stomach hurts...... ROFL  ROFL

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Re: Take 5:Hilarious 5 May 9th

Post by Sponsored content Today at 09:51

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