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Post by Shailu on 2014-05-13, 11:59

As I have missed the epi n couldn't wait for today's repeat.. I watched it online last night itself.. Wink  Wink  
What an epic epi it was... I was amused totally.

Right from the start.. Anjali disclosing herself n comparing her to a doormat..How apt.. !!Really how horrible for a women to get accustomed to this torment daily.Does that possible in real..??Now she realized... n no more want her daughter the same fate of hers.

Yippee... my wish came true..Jyothi slapping that idiot.Though its late.. never mind.Actually he deserves more.Hope he gets the remaining dose from the cops.

Aastha... the redeemer. How smart you are now a days.Maybe your brain functions only to matters other than pertaining to shlok I think.I was wondering why she's doing  these rituals now. Abhay n his Bua faces are glowing at her act.How shameless..!!

NA.. the duplicitous.I tell u..these men are generally coward.As they are feared of doing themselves.. depends on their wives to achieve their motives.How sick..!!Anjali...Anjali.. Anjali.. How long will you be a spokesperson for him n demean yourselves infront of your family.Arise... Awake.Hate his overacting at the end. Actually today's incident should be a wakening call for him.One day he's gonna get the same treatment.You better beware from now itself.

One thing I cudn't get this.. Usually every daughter is a princess for his father.There's a very great bond between them.How cud he doesnt care for his daughter at all.While jyothi was narrating each n all.. Evryone was outraged.. But he was like a statue..not even moved an inch by her agonies.Does he only worry about his sons...??OMG.. where does he come from...??A hardhearted person.

Brothers.. Who have slept while their sister was forcefully dragged... badly accused.. Now woke up.Useless to have such siblings.Good that sojal too stood with them. Kalindi n Ajju are not less.. they where worrying more than them.

Coming to precap... Lovely couple. And so.. our hero trust Aastha completely.. even more now.Does it mean you are going to beleive even when she unveils your bhagwan saman baba. Lets see.... 

Finally.. the same. If you are regular follower of this show.Then dont miss it.Such a mind blowing epi it was.Just enjoy.

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Re: Astounding...!!

Post by anusha.cochin on 2014-05-13, 15:11

Jyoti Slapped Abhay...well was a slap NA's face too....I doubt NA was like Abhay who never wished 2 have a baby girl

yesterday Jyoti rocked....

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Re: Astounding...!!

Post by Charanya on 2014-05-13, 15:14

Yaa but i hve a doubt will he believe her when she tells the truth of his baba?
The answer s definetly no!
Will see how aastha gng to handle him nu


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Re: Astounding...!!

Post by --sumana13-- on 2014-05-13, 16:05

I am wondering how many abortions Anjali might have gone thru after giving birth to Jyoti .. just to get her two sons Varad and Shlok ??..He is quite an advocate of female foeticide am sure of that 
 Bang  Bang  Bang  Bang  Bang 

Thanks for this beautiful post Shailu loved reading you ..
 hpee  long hug

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Re: Astounding...!!

Post by Sponsored content Today at 09:55

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