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mahabharat written update 13th may

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mahabharat written update 13th may

Post by -Red- on 2014-05-13, 21:25

Today's highlights
- Vishnu informs devaki and vasudev that he will be born as their son. Devaki and Vasudev are moved with tears of happiness. Vishnu's avatar turns into a spec of light and gets into Devaki's womb. She gives birth to a son soon.

- Vasudev wants to take the baby to his friend's territory across the river. Devaki doubts the success of his plan in the presence of guards, her brother and heavy rains. But the guards fall asleep right at the moment and the lockup gates open signalling Vasudev to go forward. Vasudev takes the baby in a wooden basket.

-Vasudev reaches the other side of the bank to meet his waiting friend Nand. On the way, he is surprised at the baby's miracles. The storm is silenced by the baby's foot, the river gives way for Vasudev to carry the child, a five headed snake protects the baby against pouring rain.

Nandu waits for his friend with his own baby girl and readily agrees to swap the boy with the girl. Vasudev tells him that his daughter will be killed by kans and refuses to take, but Nandu gives his daughter saying she is fortunate to be a part of divine plan.

-Vasudev returns back.Kans and the guards regain conscious. Kans is informed about the birth of the child. Vasudev and Devaki hope tat kans will spare the child as she is a girl. Kans wants to kill the girl anyway.

-when kans throws the girl up, goddess durga emerges out and informs him that he is a foolish man and the boy who would kill him is safe somewhere else.kans is shocked.

- Krishna is relating the story to current situation as the young princes ask their doubts, he says devaki and yashoda were ready to sacrifice their own children, born babies so that dharm wins. He then talks about the problems and difficulties that Panda as faced and yet how they did not go against dharma. He their mother Draupadi suffered yet how she didn't give up. He looks meaningfully at Draupadi as she cries silently. 

Tomorrow's precap

Little Krishna winning over Kalia the snake


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