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Challenges are the building blocks for an actor: Sriti Jha - Balika Vadhu

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Challenges are the building blocks for an actor: Sriti Jha - Balika Vadhu

Post by riyya6 on 2013-04-08, 05:37

How do you feel being a part of Balika
What inspired you to take up the character of Ganga?

It has been a great journey so far. The character of Ganga is different from
what I have done before with respect to body language. I enjoy a lot when I get
to play a character where I have to work on my body language along with
dialogues and expressions.

The character on the whole is a challenging
and deep one for me. It has layers of strength and emotions along with a scope
for growth which excites me. The team too is great to work with. Punendu ji is
very good as a writer and a good director too.
One negative and positive quality of Ganga according to you?

Positivity is definitely her strength. In spite of being educated or have a
support system in the form of a family, she has immense strength in her. This
in my opinion is the best part about Ganga. I think I have to explore the
character more to point out a negative point of Ganga (laughs).

Are you enjoying your Rajasthani attire in the show?

I am absolutely enjoying it. This is the most exciting part for my character
because it's a new role for me to explore.

How did you prepare yourself to portray the character of a Rajasthani

There is no written way of preparation for any character. You need to explore
a character on an emotional level. Once that is done, then the language flows on
its own. It is more about the emotions than the language. The unit of Balika Vadhu
helped with the usage of language and I also went through the old episodes of
the show. I have some friends who know Marwaari and they helped me out with it
too Whenever I got stuck with any dialogue, I ask my friends.

With whom do you bond the best on the sets?

Now I bond the best with Toral
Rasputra because we are friends since the beginning of our career. We share
similar thoughts too. Our challenges are the same as we both are new to the
show. Having similar thoughts contributes the best towards making both of us
share a good bond with each other.

What interests you other than acting?

Reading stories and watching movies.

What if Saubhagvyavati Bhava comes back with a Season 2? Would you like to
be a part of it?

I don't think so. I think Jhanvi had her story and if hopefully Saubhagyavati
comes back I think it will have a new story and fresh faces with a lot of
newness in the show. I am sure that I will watch it but I don't think I would be
a part of it.

Any dream of yours which you got fulfilled recently?

Oh yes! I got the book 'Our films their films' by Satyajit Rey which I was
looking for since a very long time. I looked for it at every store but lastly I
found it on Flipkart.

Your deepest fear?

My deepest fear would be a world without stories which I think is impossible
and it will never happen.

Your best buddies from the industry?

Sneha Wagh, Harshad
Chopra, Toral
Rasputra and lot of people who are behind the screens.

Being an actor, what are the challenges you face in everyday

Challenges are the building blocks for an actor. The more you face
challenges, the more you grow. I think this is what keeps you growing.
Challenges are like blessings.

Message to your fans?

I love them very much. Thank you so much for the birthday message. I hope I
won't let you all down. When I was seeing the birthday messages, I got to know
that they are so nice. I always wanted people to talk about my work only and it
felt nice to know that my fans care about my work. I love them a lot and they
make me very happy and I wanted them to know about it. I am sending big hugs and
lots of love for all of them.

Credit : IF / TB

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Re: Challenges are the building blocks for an actor: Sriti Jha - Balika Vadhu

Post by anurao66 on 2013-04-08, 19:44


Thanks for the information.

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