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O Ye Of Little Faith – Followers of Qubool Hai!--FORUM 32

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O Ye Of Little Faith – Followers of Qubool Hai!--FORUM 32

Post by pollyanna on 2013-04-08, 10:40

O Ye Of Little Faith – Followers of Qubool Hai!

Qubool Hai, recently there was a change in the artist for the character Tanveer aka Billo Rani from Nisha Nagpal to Amrapali Gupta. the most popular show on Zee TV has a fan following online that is astounding and the avid viewers have been vocal with their appreciation and feedback on various platforms. One of them being Forum 32.

With appreciation comes some flak. And we at Forum 32 pass the feedback to the creators on regular basis. So, one fine day, we got feedback from viewers about Billo Rani and her glass eye changing from right to the left. The audience obviously thought the worst and said, “Kya chehre ke saath, aankh bhi badal gayee?” Valid point. It looked like it was a continuity issue. The assistant directors, directors, creatives, editors; all were pulled up by the very vigilant audience.

Forum 32 spoke to them and found out the reason for this. Amrapali Gupta has colored eyes to start with. Now, all of you know the reason for change in artist. We wrote about it. However, the reason for the change in glass eye is very simple. Amrapali Gupta is undergoing a treatment for her eye and cannot wear the requisite lens for the role in the right eye. Now, one would say, then why take her. So, the answer is that for the role she was the right fit and on short notice to change an artist is not easy with telecast at stake. The Producer, Gul Khan, Channel and creatives, hence, took a call to change the glass eye from right to left rather than continue the hunt and make changes to the script till one is finalised.

To make a show is not an easy job and yes one can see glitches in terms of continuity, however as a process, each episode goes through a number of people which includes, creative team, direction team, editing team, Channel producers before any telecast happens. While perfection is something that each producer strives for, there are times when one has to use body double, not have the facial hair exactly the way it was in the last scene or change in artist altogether. While they are aware of these, one has to let go of minor issues in lieu of a telecast.

Feedback is always welcome and the makers definitely feel very good when their audience is so involved and vigilant about each move that the characters make. They thank you for valued feedback and endeavor to keep glitches to a minimum so that you as an audience do not miss your viewing pleasure.

Keep watching your favorite show Qubool Hai every Monday to Friday at 9:30pm on Zee TV for a story that gives you slice of life with humour, intrigue and romance.

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