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Divyanka Interview on Telly Chakkar

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Divyanka Interview on Telly Chakkar

Post by Buvna on 2014-05-18, 15:12

I am not comfortable kissing on-screen: Divyanka Tripathi
18 May 2014 05:25 A

Beautiful belle and an absolute stunner Divyanka Tripathi who is creating sensation with her character Ishita in Star Plus' popular show Ye Hai Mohabbatein gets talking with on her show's popularity and also about her personal life.
Firstly, Divyanka tells us about the appreciation she has got from her beloved fans. "I am truly humbled the way I am getting response from masses. I am thankful to Ekta for giving me this opportunity and without her this show wouldn't have been possible. I am also thankful to my creative team for such brilliant storyline and characterization and my entire cast of YHM."
On the challenges playing the role, Divyanka said, "Looking sexy on-screen is quite challenging for me. I am more comfortable in Indian wear. When I got to know I had to wear a dress in one of the previous episodes, I went on a diet and was a bit nervous if I will be able to give my best. So looking beautiful is fine but looking sexy is very challenging for me."
How is your rapport with Karan Patel off-screen? "Well we both share a professional bond. We respect each other. During shooting we talk and are part of the cast, but after shooting we don't meet each other or talk on phone or even hang out. But Karan is a very good actor and sometimes I am jealous of him for his superb one liners in the show. In fact we both have a healthy competition which leads us to give our best in every scene."
On her personal love affair with Ssharad Malhotra, the pretty lass said, "We kept our relationship under wraps as we didn't want media attention. Once you make it official there is lot of pressure and comparison. There was a time I used to feel bad when I could not hold his hand in public or look into his eyes. But everything has its own time."
Being a part of the glamour world, how did you both manage to sustain your relationship for so long? "As I said, the first thing was to keep it under wraps. Sharad and I don't believe PDA, so all these things matters a lot. It's been seven years of relationship and its going very strong."
Are you fine with kissing on-screen? "No, I am not fine with kissing on-screen. I have my family watching me every day. If I can't do any scenes from my heart then what is the use."
Is Ssharad fine with you doing intimate scenes on-screen? "We have never spoken about this ever but I have never stopped Ssharad from doing anything; so I don't think there should be any problem."
What about reality shows? "I am not much into reality shows. I don't mind doing adventurous shows only if I don't have to eat insects and other creatures. I would love to do shows like Survivor."
Divyanka, we wish you goodluck!!


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Re: Divyanka Interview on Telly Chakkar

Post by hooked on 2014-05-18, 18:51

Aww...cute interview and she is looking truly divine in that picture! Tfs!

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