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Raman To Dance With Shagun, Ishita To Get Hurt In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Raman To Dance With Shagun, Ishita To Get Hurt In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Post by candy on 2014-05-19, 16:02

In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein this week, Later during the day Mrs Bhalla somehow manages to catch Mr Iyer alone & tells him about Jay and Mrs Iyer. While exiting from the hall Ishita spots Trisha talking to someone over the phone and then while she was climbing up the stairs she sees Romi also over the phone. She is now even more sure about their relationship.

Raman learns that Ishita is a trained salsa dancer and since he wants to show that he is better he requests the choreographer to give him extra classes. Ishita comes & tells Vandita that she saw Trisha with Romi & also that she is suspecting something. Later we see that Mr Iyer steps out of the room wearing T-Shirt and jeans to impress Mrs Iyer. However , when Mrs Iyer sees him she is shocked and feels awkward. Mr Iyer gets upset and walks off. Raman has got a back sprain and Ishita puts a balm on his shoulder. She gets a call from Bala & while speaking to him she speaks highly of him. Raman gets a little jealous since Ishita is full of praises for him. Ishita while talking to Bala mentions that she has not bought anything special for the engagement but will wear something from her old collection. Simmi is angry with Ishita’s happiness.

Raman & Mihir next day go to the jewelry shop to buy an engagement ring. Raman leaves Mihir at the ring section & slides to the necklace section. He specially designs a necklace for Ishita which very heavy and expensive & asks them to deliver it to his house. Mihir sees that & also teases him. In Ashok’s house , Param has come. Shagun meets him & they have a conversation where Param tells her about Mihir’s engagement.

Now Shagun gets excited and she plans to be a part of it. Ashok tells her that she will be invited since Tondon would definitely call him. Next day, Mr Subramanium , Raman’s colleague gets the necklace that Raman had ordered for Ishita. Everyone is surprised to see the set & also
wonders who could have ordered.

Raman then tells everyone that he has ordered this set & before everyone could react, he clarifies that it is only because she doesn’t have anything expensive. When asked did he select the set , Raman denies . Ishita later when is alone with Raman doesn’t appreciate the design. Raman gets angry but doesn’t tell her anything. Next morning it is Mihir, who tells Ishita that the necklace was personally picked up by Raman and that he spent hours to design it. Ishita feels bad & then thinks of apologizing to Raman. Ishita is feeling bad that she called the jewelry set gaudy, especially since it was picked up by Raman. To make up to him , she takes him to a coffee shop saying that she wants to talk to him about something.

Here, as she was about to say sorry, she spots Trisha and Romi in the same café shop. Ishita’s suspicions get stronger and she tells Raman about it. Raman ignores it and then Romi, himself comes there & says that he is here to introduce his DJ friend to Trisha. This DJ friend would be playing music in ” Sangeet”.
Raman tells Ishita to not think rubbish, and Ishita is not able to say sorry. At home, Mr Tondon comes with grooms’ trousseau. He is showing it to Mihir but he is hardly paying any attention as he is busy watching Mihika talking to Vibhu very passionately. For a second, Mihir also says that he doesn’t like all this. Mr Tondon asks him is it the dress, engagement or the honey-moon that he is talking about. In a gentle way Mr Tondon threatens him that if he even thinks of backing out from this engagement, then he will ruin Raman and him. Mihir hears him & then tells him that he was talking about the dress. In the evening, Raman gets dressed in a Tuxedo for the “Sangeet”. All the girls and women are going gaga over him. Raman also likes it.

Later, when the party is about to begin, Ishita walks in wearing her dress & she is looking absolutely beautiful and ravishing, Raman is impressed.Mr Tondon enters the party along with Ashok & Shagun, Shagun first approaches Simmi to win her to her side but in vain. Later she goes to Mr Tondon to tell him the truth about Raman & Ishita’s wedding thinking that Raman wouldn’t have told him. However, Mr Tondon tells her that Raman is a man of great character, so he has told me everything just when we fixed this relationship. Later Mihika & Vibhu dance which agitates Mihir and he breaks the glass in his hand leading to a small cut. He reaches the washroom to bandage it. Shagun and Ishita follow him there & then both individually try to tell him that he should make his own decisions rather than letting Raman rule over him. However, Mihir just tells them that Raman means a lot to him so he will just do what he wants him to do. “Sangeet” is going on in full swing. Romi & Mrs Bhalla also perform a dance & just then she spots Mr Kakkad entering the hall. Her mind starts working and she reaches out to him & takes him to Mrs Iyer . Mrs Bhalla tells Mrs Iyer that she wants to gift Ishita something, but she doesn’t know her taste so if she could help Kakkard to know that as this will make things go smooth. She leaves them talking & then goes to Mr Iyer to tell a different story. She puts in a seed of jealousy in him & leaves.

Though out the part Simmi is not very happy seeing Ishita happy. Shagun notices that & she realizes that she must do something so that she can win over Simmi. Shagun approaches Raman and tells him that she knows how much he loves her and for that reason only he never got close with Ishita. Raman has a thought & just then Emcee has announced his name & Ishita’s name to perform a dance. Raman purposely takes Shagun to the dance floor and Ishita is shocked and hurt.


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