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Kumkumbhagya written update 19th may 2014

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Kumkumbhagya written update 19th may 2014

Post by Shesherkobita on 2014-05-20, 08:29

Kumkum Bhagya 19th May 2014 Written Episode
- The episode starts which Abhi recieved a call from Purav about a new contract tonight.
- Abhi hezitates a little in the beginning but later leaves for the show. Dadi tries to stop him but he didn’t listen.
- Akash and his mom tried to suck money from Abhi by trapping in their suger coared words and they succeed. Abhi gives them his debit card.
- Racha agrees with Pragya and asked her what should she do. Pragya takes her to Akash’s house with a plan in her mind.
- Pragya’s dupatta gets stuck in Abhi’s watch. Abhi thought he knows the girl but Pragya covered her head before entering Abhi’s house premises. She kept her dupatta so that he doesnot see her. Abhi asked whether she was from girl’s side if she was then he showed him the way where Akash’s fiance was.
- Pragya meets Tanu, the model in her tracks and doesnot have a very nice introduction.
- Pragya mamaged to meed the bride and gave her some sort of a report telling her that Akash’s friend has send it to her and she should open it before she joins Akash.
- Tanu was talk of the event everyone tried to take picture with her. When she was about to take champagne dadi saw her. Tanu saw her too and accused the waiter for serving her alcohol. Dadi understood her motive and that she was lieing.
- Akash’s fiance was furious to see the report and wish to speak to Akash in private. She told him that the report says that he can never become a father and that he is impotent.
- Akash loses it and blurts out his casenova attitude and tells her that he didnot do potency test but DNA test and then in front of everyone to save his ego he blurted out that Rachna was carrying his baby.
Precap : Rachna tells everything to Suresh and asks him to concentrate in Pragya even more..
Credit: DTB

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