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Family Decides To Do The Engagement Of Trisha & Neil In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

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Family Decides To Do The Engagement Of Trisha & Neil In Yeh Hai Mohabbatein

Post by candy on 2014-05-22, 10:54

In  Yeh Hai Mohabbatein this week,Mid-way in the dance, while dancing Shagun falls. Then, Raman tells her that just the way you lost your grip here in the dance in the same way you did in life. He tells her that it is only Ishita who completes him. Now he calls Ishita and they dance superbly. Shagun is livid and she leaves. Seeing them dance Simmi is again angry and when she returns home, she determines that she will not let Ishita lead a peaceful life. Iyers & Bhallas are back home. Mr Iyer is not talking Mrs Iyer as he is still upset by her thinking that she has a liking for Kakkad as projected by Mrs Bhalla. Later on, her insistence, Mr Iyer confesses his feeling. Mrs Iyer gets angry & plans to do the same for Mrs Bhalla.

Next morning she sends a bouquet of red roses to her place with an unknown name with a message saying that I loved you yesterday in the party. Mr Bhalla now gets angry at her saying that what is she upto. Mrs Bhalla is all zapped as she is also oblivious to this. Mihika is tensed as she really doesn’t know if Mihir would take a stand and stop this marriage. Vibhu also comes there & shares his fear. Ishita is trying to console them.

In the meanwhile Shravan tells Ruhi that Mihika’s marriage is all farce & she is doing this because Mihir is getting married to someone else. Ruhi goes and tells this to Mrs Bhalla, who then shares this news with Raman.Raman now understands everything and he comes to Iyers house with a plan. He tells them that their Pandit has told them that Mihir’s engagement has to be delayed so let’s keep Mihika’s engagement first. Raman also calls up Mihika’s mom and informs her of this engagement. She is shocked and also angry at Mrs Iyer. Ishita is in a fix and Mihika is all tensed for tomorrow. It’s the engagement day today. Mr Tondon is very excited about this engagement, but there is fear on Mihika’s face.

Vandita is trying to relax her. Mrs Bhalla tells Raman to start the ceremony of Mihir & Trisha. Raman tells her that Mihika’s engagement is scheduled first, but just then Ishita interrupts him & says that plan has been changed . She informs that as per ” Mihir’s & Trisha’s Kundli” the perfect timing for their engagement.

Everyone is happy and they ask pundits to start the ceremony. Raman understands that this is all done by Ishita but he is helpless now. Mihir and Trisha are made to sit and Ishita does all the rituals. Then finally ring is given to Mihir. Mihir looks at it and his hand starts shaking.

 Now, finally Mihir tells everyone that he cannot love Mihika and he can’t go ahead with this engagement. Raman is shocked to hear this. He questions his if he is sure about this. Mihir says that he has never been more sure. Trisha leaves the venue. Raman hugs Mihir and says that this is what he has been waiting for. Ishita discloses to Mihir that Mihika’s engagement was also fake. Mihir is happily shocked.
Mr Tondon is very angry and he threatens Raman that he will ruin him, but Raman explains him that for Trisha’s happiness, it will always be better for her to get married to someone she loves. Mihir thinking that Trisha is upset goes to meet here. However , here he comes to know that Trisha was also playing around with Raman just to make him speak up about his love. Trisha tells Mihir that she actually loves Neil and she wants to get married to him.

Ishita also hears this & she realizes that Raman was all this while playing around only to make Mihir speak of his love. Mr Tondon realizes that Trisha’s happiness is with Neil and not with Mihir. Now family decides to do the engagement, but with new couples.


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