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SBS pics today

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SBS pics today

Post by Buvna on 2014-05-23, 15:11

IshRa in their bedroom 
raman turns ishu around n she sees her back in the mirror  
maybe dori scene ?..or as some suggested SOMETHING else ?
as she saw her back mainly in the mirror

what happens is that ishita is scolding some workers n Raman comes n opens her hair suddenly
later in their bedroom ishra argue over this Divyanka says its was a v awkward but sweet scene as both care for rach other now 
then raman shows her in the mirror that kapde peeche se gadbad hai 
actually her bra was showing 
divyanka said there is a sensitivity now between them ek dusre ka khayal rakhte hai
ishita sees the mirror then blushes n smiles at raman who is trying to keep a straight face


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